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    • Assessing wind and mammals as seed dispersal vectors in an invasive legume 

      Zachary I., Quick; Houseman, Gregory R.; Buyuktahtakin, Esra (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017-02)
      While some plants have modified seed structures to facilitate dispersal, many lack such specialised adaptations, making their mode of dispersal unclear. This can be particularly problematic for predicting shifts in species ...
    • Does tallgrass prairie restoration enhance the invasion resistance of post-agricultural lands? 

      Foster, Bryan L.; Houseman, Gregory R.; Hall, David R.; Hinman, Sarah E. (Springer International Publishing AG, 2015-12)
      There is building interest in the use of ecological restoration to enhance the biotic invasion resistance of disturbed lands. However, few studies have rigorously examined the effect of community restoration on biotic ...
    • Lespedeza cuneata invasion alters soils facilitating its own growth 

      Coykendall, Katherine; Houseman, Gregory R. (Springer, 2014-08)
      Lespedeza cuneata (sericea) is an Asian legume introduced to the US in the 1930s for erosion control and forage, but it can strongly reduce the abundance of native grassland plants. One possible explanation for this high ...