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    • DEPDC1 as a crucial factor in the progression of human osteosarcoma 

      Shen, Lin; Li, Han; Liu, Ronghan; Zhou, Chendan; Bretches, Morgan; Gong, Xuan; Lu, Laitong; Zhang, Ying; Zhao, Kai; Ning, Bin; Yang, Shang-You; Zhang, Aijun (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2022-12-07)
      Objective: Novel therapeutic strategies are emerging with the increased understanding of the underlying mechanisms of human osteosarcoma. This current study tends to decipher the potentially critical role of DEP domain-containing ...
    • Higenamine promotes osteogenesis via IQGAP1/SMAD4 signaling pathway and prevents age-and estrogen-dependent bone loss in mice 

      Dong, Hui; Liu, Ronghan; Zou, Ke; Jin, Zhengxin; Kang, Jianning; Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Xiaodi; Sun, Zhengfang; Yu, Guilian; Huang, Nana; Bretches, Morgan; Yang, Shang-You; Ning, Bin (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2023-03-12)
      Osteoporosis is a common bone disease caused by an imbalance of bone resorption and formation that results in a loss of total bone density. SMAD2/3 signal transduction is known to play a crucial role in osteogenic ...