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    • Adenosine modulation of dynorphin B release by hippocampal synaptosomes 

      Loewen, Jonathan J.; Peters, Ralph I.; Terrian, David M. (ElsevierElsevier BV, 1992-04-17)
      A rat hippocampal preparation enriched in mossy fiber synaptosomes was employed in an attempt to expose any relationship between endogenous adenosine and the release of dynorphin B-like immunoreactivity (DynB-LI). Presumptive ...
    • Tryptophan and serotonin metabolism after sustained tryptophan infusion 

      Peters, Ralph I.; Buhr, Bruce R. (Elsevier, 1984)
      In an attempt to elucidate the effects of sustained administration of tryptophan on serotonin synthesis and turnover in mammalian brain, mini-osmotic pumps containing tryptophan or vehicle were implanted in albino mice for ...