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    • Does hybridization drive the transition to asexuality in diploid Boechera? 

      Beck, James B.; Alexander, Patrick J.; Allphin, Loreen; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Rushworth, Catherine; Bailey, C. Donovan; Windham, Michael D. (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2012-04)
      Gametophytic apomixis is a common form of asexual reproduction in plants. Virtually all gametophytic apomicts are polyploids, and some view polyploidy as a prerequisite for the transition to apomixis. However, any causal ...
    • Searching for diamonds in the apomictic rough: a case study involving Boechera lignifera (Brassicaceae) 

      Windham, Michael D.; Beck, James B.; Li, Fay-Wei; Allphin, Loreen; Carman, John G.; Sherwood, David A.; Rushworth, Catherine A.; Sigel, Erin; Alexander, Patrick J.; Bailey, C. Donovan; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A. (American Society of Plant Taxonomists, 2016-01)
      The genus Boechera is one of the most difficult species complexes in North America, with about 70 sexual diploids and hundreds of apomictic taxa representing diverse combinations of nearly every known sexual genome. In ...
    • Weaving a tangled web: divergent and reticulate speciation in Boechera fendleri sensu lato (Brassicaceae: Boechereae) 

      Alexander, Patrick J.; Windham, Michael D.; Beck, James B.; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Allphin, Loreen; Bailey, C. Donovan (American Society of Plant Taxonomists, 2015-08)
      Hybrid speciation is relatively common in plants compared to other well-studied groups. Polyploidy and apomixis are strongly associated with hybrid speciation, presumably due to the opportunities they provide for both ...