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dc.contributor.authorMeyer, Holger
dc.contributor.authorMuether, Mathew
dc.contributor.authorSolomey, Nickolas
dc.identifier.citationNOvA Collaboration; Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Solomey, Nickolas. 2017. Constraints on oscillation parameters from νe appearance and νμ disappearance in NOvA. Physical Review Letters, vol. 118:no. 23en_US
dc.descriptionClick on the DOI link to access the article (may not be free). WSU authors: Meyer, H.; Muether, M.; Solomey, N. The complete list includes: P. Adamson, L. Aliaga, D. Ambrose, N. Anfimov, A. Antoshkin, E. Arrieta-Diaz, K. Augsten, A. Aurisano, C. Backhouse, M. Baird, B. A. Bambah, K. Bays, B. Behera, S. Bending, R. Bernstein, V. Bhatnagar, B. Bhuyan, J. Bian, T. Blackburn, A. Bolshakova, C. Bromberg, J. Brown, G. Brunetti, N. Buchanan, A. Butkevich, V. Bychkov, M. Campbell, E. Catano-Mur, S. Childress, B. C. Choudhary, B. Chowdhury, T. E. Coan, J. A. B. Coelho, M. Colo, J. Cooper, L. Corwin, L. Cremonesi, D. Cronin-Hennessy, G. S. Davies, J. P. Davies, P. F. Derwent, R. Dharmapalan, P. Ding, Z. Djurcic, E. C. Dukes, H. Duyang, S. Edayath, R. Ehrlich, G. J. Feldman, M. J. Frank, M. Gabrielyan, H. R. Gallagher, S. Germani, T. Ghosh, A. Giri, R. A. Gomes, M. C. Goodman, V. Grichine, R. Group, D. Grover, B. Guo, A. Habig, J. Hartnell, R. Hatcher, A. Hatzikoutelis, K. Heller, A. Himmel, A. Holin, J. Hylen, F. Jediny, M. Judah, G. K. Kafka, D. Kalra, S. M. S. Kasahara, S. Kasetti, R. Keloth, L. Kolupaeva, S. Kotelnikov, I. Kourbanis, A. Kreymer, A. Kumar, S. Kurbanov, K. Lang, W. M. Lee, S. Lin, J. Liu, M. Lokajicek, J. Lozier, S. Luchuk, K. Maan, S. Magill, W. A. Mann, M. L. Marshak, K. Matera, V. Matveev, D. P. Méndez, M. D. Messier, H. Meyer, T. Miao, W. H. Miller, S. R. Mishra, R. Mohanta, A. Moren, L. Mualem, M. Muether, S. Mufson, R. Murphy, J. Musser, J. K. Nelson, R. Nichol, E. Niner, A. Norman, T. Nosek, Y. Oksuzian, A. Olshevskiy, T. Olson, J. Paley, P. Pandey, R. B. Patterson, G. Pawloski, D. Pershey, O. Petrova, R. Petti, S. Phan-Budd, R. K. Plunkett, R. Poling, B. Potukuchi, C. Principato, F. Psihas, A. Radovic, R. A. Rameika, B. Rebel, B. Reed, D. Rocco, P. Rojas, V. Ryabov, K. Sachdev, P. Sail, O. Samoylov, M. C. Sanchez, R. Schroeter, J. Sepulveda-Quiroz, P. Shanahan, A. Sheshukov, J. Singh, J. Singh, P. Singh, V. Singh, J. Smolik, N. Solomey, E. Song, A. Sousa, K. Soustruznik, M. Strait, L. Suter, R. L. Talaga, M. C. Tamsett, P. Tas, R. B. Thayyullathil, J. Thomas, X. Tian, S. C. Tognini, J. Tripathi, A. Tsaris, J. Urheim, P. Vahle, J. Vasel, L. Vinton, A. Vold, T. Vrba, B. Wang, M. Wetstein, D. Whittington, S. G. Wojcicki, J. Wolcott, N. Yadav, S. Yang, J. Zalesak, B. Zamorano, and R. Zwaska.en_US
dc.description.abstractResults are reported from an improved measurement of $\nu_\mu \rightarrow \nu_e$ transitions by the NOvA experiment. Using an exposure equivalent to $6.05\times10^{20}$ protons-on-target 33 $\nu_e$ candidates were observed with a background of 8.2±0.8 (syst.). Combined with the latest NOvA $\nu_\mu$ disappearance data and external constraints from reactor experiments on $\sin^22\theta_{13}$ the hypothesis of inverted mass hierarchy with $\theta_{23}$, in the lower octant is disfavored at greater than $93\%$ C.L. for all values of $\delta_{CP}$.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipU.S. Department of Energy; the U.S. National Science Foundation; the Department of Science and Technology, India; the European Research Council; the MSMT CR, GA UK, Czech Republic; the RAS, RMES, and RFBR, Russia; CNPq and FAPEG, Brazil; and the State and University of Minnesota. We are grateful for the contributions of the staffs at the University of Minnesota module assembly facility and Ash River Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, and Fermilab. Fermilab is operated by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC under Contract No. De-AC02-07CH11359 with the U.S. DOE.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Societyen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPhysical Review Letters;v.118:no.23
dc.subjectNeutrino oscillationsen_US
dc.subjectNeutrino detectorsen_US
dc.titleConstraints on oscillation parameters from $\nu_e$ appearance and $\nu_\mu$ disappearance in NOvAen_US
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2017 American Physical Societyen_US

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