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  • Multimodal combination of text and image tweets for disaster response assessment 

    Kotha, Saideshwar; Haridasan, Smitha; Rattani, Ajita; Bowen, Aaron; Rimmington, Glyn M.; Dutta, Atri (CEUR-WS, 2022-07-06)
    Social media platforms are a vital source of information in times of natural and man-made disasters. People use social media to report updates about injured or dead people, infrastructure damage, missing or found people ...
  • Social Sciences 

    Karst, Kelly; Azzolina, David; Keymer, David; Heil, Aaron; Huey, Leah (Library Journals, LLC, 2021-11-19)
    [No abstract available]
  • Adaptive scaffolding toward transdisciplinary collaboration: Reflective polyvocal self-study 

    Alagic, Mara; Sclafani, Maria; Filbert, Nathan; Rimmington, Glyn; Demissie, Zelalem S.; Dutta, Atri; Bowen, Aaron; Lindsay, Ethan; Kuhlmann, Meghann; Rattani, Ajita; Rai, Atul (Springer International Publishing, 2022-12-16)
    Contemporary global challenges require experts from various disciplines to work together. Since every field of knowledge has its unique language and discipline-based culture, collaborative inquiry presents an additional ...
  • Moving forward: The next-gen catalog and the new discovery tools 

    Weare, William H., Jr.; Toms, Sue; Breeding, Marshall
    This article explores two emerging solutions -- next-gen catalogs and discovery products. A next-gen catalog provides an intuitive interface designed in accordance with current web standards. It incorporates features such ...
  • Find it on the web using the search concepts you already know 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (Linworth Publishing, Inc., 2008-03-01)
    The author discusses the applicability and effectiveness of phrase searching, the use of natural language, Boolean logic, nesting, proximity, truncation, and wildcards to web search engines.
  • The federated search solution 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (Linworth Publishing, Inc, 2010-09-01)
    Federated search provides a single search interface that allows users to search multiple online resources simultaneously—subscription databases, library catalogs, and other electronic resources—with one query that returns ...
  • Beyond web search tips and tricks: Thinking through the search 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (Linworth Publishing, Inc., 2010-02-01)
    The author recommends a more intentional Web search strategy that will help students retrieve better search results. Teachers and librarians can help students to improve their searching skills by asking these four key ...
  • Web search field trip: Find it on the web with field searching 

    Weare, William H., Jr.
    The author describes the functionality of field searching, a search technique which locates specific terms in a specific field. The author points out field searching options available via the advanced search page of the ...
  • What ‘open to the public’ means at IUPUI 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (2013-09-01)
    The article presents the author's views on the move of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis' (IUPUI) University Library which opened its doors to the public. He states that IUPUI's University Library is an ...
  • Criticism is not a four-letter word: Best practices for constructive feedback in the peer review of teaching 

    Alabi, Jaena; Weare, William H., Jr. (LOEX Press, 2012-05-03)
    In recent years, peer review of teaching (PROT) has become an increasingly important tool for evaluating library instruction. Most PROT programs consist of three components: a pre-observation meeting, the observation of ...
  • Focus group research in the academic library: An overview of the methodology 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML), 2012-09-20)
    Through the use of focus groups, academic librarians can discover what students really think, feel, need, and want. Equipped with this knowledge, librarians will be better positioned to design and deliver effective programs, ...
  • Qualitative content analysis: A reflection 

    Moffett, Paul; Weare, William H., Jr. (ACRL, 2020-10-13)
    Like many public services librarians, we spend much of our time focused on improving service quality. We think of excellent service quality as meeting or exceeding customer expectations consistently over time. One approach ...
  • Exploring service philosophy statements using qualitative content analysis 

    Moffett, Paul; Weare, William H., Jr. (Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML), 2020-11-26)
    This paper will describe a study in which we examined service philosophy statements at a diverse group of North American academic libraries. We used qualitative content analysis to examine their form and content to identify ...
  • Library instruction and student engagement in the age of Google 

    Weare, William H., Jr.; Kowalsky, Michelle (LOEX Press, 2010)
    A typical library instruction session generally includes demonstrations of how to use the library catalog, how to access information via library-provided electronic resources, and how to use the electronic journal list. ...
  • The perspective on Luther from a Lutheran historian 

    Heil, Aaron (K-REx, 2016-05-26)
    Ernest G. Schwiebert (b. 1895 – d. 2000) numbered among the Reformation and medieval historians of the early twentieth century who came out of the Ivy League; in his specific case, Cornell. Schwiebert’s legacy places him ...
  • Honoring past practices while Increasing collection budget flexibility: Designing and communicating a new budget model 

    Williams, Virginia Kay; Pope, Scott (Purdue University, 2017)
    When LBJ was president and the Beatles were all the rage, Southwest Texas State College adopted a library allocation formula. Five decades later, the Texas State University Libraries administration decided it was time to ...
  • How to access Parnassus Online 

    Heil, Aaron (Wichita State University, 2022-12-07)
    Instructions for how to find and use the flipbooks in the Parnassus Online collection on SOAR. Parnassus Online available at
  • Succession planning in academic libraries: A reconsideration 

    Weare, William H., Jr. (Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 2015-11-24)
    It has been widely projected in the library literature that a substantial number of librarians will retire in the near future leaving significant gaps in the workforce, especially in library leadership. Many of those ...
  • Developing core leadership competences for the library profession 

    Ammons-Stephens, Shorlette; Cole, Holly J.; Jenkins-Gibbs, Keisha; Fraser Riehle, Catherine; Weare, William H., Jr. (American Library Association, 2009)
    The development of competency lists, or competency models has become a popular way to assess the strengths, needs, and potential contributions of individuals in an organization. The success of libraries as organizations ...

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