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    • Crack length correction and root rotation angle in a sandwich single cantilever beam (SCB) fracture specimen 

      Saseendran, Vishnu; Carlsson, Leif A.; Berggreen, Christian; Seneviratne, Waruna P. (KeAi Publishing Communications Ltd, 2020-12)
      Crack root rotation is a measure of deviation from clamped boundary conditions of region in front of the crack tip. The root rotation depends on the shear force and bending moment acting at the crack tip. Such rotation ...
    • Evaluation of ls-dyna mat162 for modeling composite fastener joints for high rates of loading 

      Kona Ravi, Aswini; Bhasin, Akhil; Gomez, Leandro; Olivares, Gerardo; Gomez, Adrian; Keshavanarayana, Suresh R.; Pang, Jenna K.; Molitor, Matthew; Rassaian, Mostafa (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc., 2019-01)
      In the present work, the behavior of composite-fastener joints in bearing failure at dynamic stroke rates of 500 in/s, 300 in/s and 100 in/s has been evaluated through progressive damage analysis (PDA) material model in ...