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    • High rate testing of composite fastener joints with and without clamp-up 

      Gomez, Adrian; Keshavanarayana, Suresh R.; Castillo, Luis D.; Kona Ravi, Aswini; Bhasin, Akhil; Pang, Jenna K.; Molitor, Matthew; Rassaian, Mostafa (DEStech Publications Inc., 2018)
      The NASA Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC) High Energy Dynamic Impact (HEDI) group has been investigating experimentally the effects of testing speed and fastener clamp-up on the behavior of single lap shear composite ...
    • Progressive damage and failure analysis of bonded composite joints at high energy dynamic impacts 

      Bhasin, Akhil; Keshavanarayana, Suresh R.; Gomez Valbuena, Luis M.; Kona Ravi, Aswini; Justusson, Brian P.; Olivares, Gerardo (DEStech Publications, 2019-09)
      Both wing and fuselage structures utilize bonded composite joints for structural efficiency in modern commercial and military aircraft. To ensure compliance with certification requirements mechanical fasteners are typically ...