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dc.contributor.authorHu, Xiaomi
dc.identifier.citationHu, Xiaomi. 2016. On an ad hoc test for order restricted multivariate normal means. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, vol. 45:no. 5:pp 1501-1507en_US
dc.descriptionClick on the DOI link to access the article (may not be free).en_US
dc.description.abstractFor several normal mean vectors restricted by a simple ordering with respect to a multivariate order, this article derives sufficient and necessary conditions for the restricted MLEs for both mean vectors and covariance matrix, and develops an ad hoc test. It establishes conditions for the bounds of the p-values. One example of such bound is given with some comments.en_US
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis Groupen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCommunications in Statistics - Theory and Methods;v.45:no.5
dc.subjectAd hoc testen_US
dc.subjectMultivariate normal populationen_US
dc.subjectOrder restrictionen_US
dc.subjectPrimary 62F30en_US
dc.subjectSecondary 62F03en_US
dc.subjectSecondary 62H15en_US
dc.titleOn an ad hoc test for order restricted multivariate normal meansen_US
dc.rights.holder© 2016 Informa UK Limited, an Informa Group company.en_US

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