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    • Chapter 1 -- Quantum neural computation of entanglement is robust to noise and decoherence 

      Behrman, Elizabeth C.; Nguyen, Nam H.; Steck, James E.; McCann, M. (Elsevier, 2017)
      Measurement and witnesses of entanglement remain an important issue in quantum computing. Most witnesses will work for only a very restricted class of states, while measurements commonly require lengthy procedures. Quantum ...
    • Learning quantum annealing 

      Behrman, Elizabeth C.; Steck, James E.; Moustafa, Mohamed A. (Rinton Press, Inc., 2017-05-01)
      We propose and develop a new procedure, whereby a quantum system can learn to anneal to a desired ground state. We demonstrate successful learning to produce an entangled state for a two-qubit system, then demonstrate ...