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    • Point vortex model for asymmetric inviscid wakes past bluff bodies 

      Elcrat, Alan R.; Ferlauto, M.; Zannetti, L. (IOP Publishing, 2014-05-27)
      Wakes past bluff bodies are modeled by means of point vortices standing in equilibrium. The consistency of the adopted model is discussed with respect to the asymptotic model proposed by Batchelor. It is shown that, in ...
    • A stability analysis of the harmonic continuation 

      Elcrat, Alan R.; Isakov, Victor; Kropf, Everett; Stewart, Darrell Anne (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2012-07)
      We consider the Cauchy problem for harmonic functions outside some disc in the plane with the Cauchy data on an interval. We obtain simple formulae for singular values of the operator solving this Cauchy problem and ...