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    • An inverse problem for a dynamical Lamé system with residual stress 

      Isakov, Victor; Wang, Jenn-Nan; Yamamoto, Masahiro (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007-12-19)
      In this paper we prove a Hölder and Lipschitz stability estimates of determining all coefficients of a dynamical Lamé system with residual stress, including the density, Lam´e parameters, and the residual stress, by three ...
    • Inverse problem for one-dimensional wave equation with matrix potential 

      Khanfer, Ammar; Bukhgeim, Alexander L. (De Gruyter, 2019-01-20)
      We prove a global uniqueness theorem of reconstruction of a matrix-potential a (x, t) {a(x,t)} of one-dimensional wave equation □ u + a u = 0 {\square u+au=0}, x > 0, t > 0 {x>0,t>0}, □ = t 2 - x 2 {\square=\partial-{t}^ ...