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    • Recent developments on the construction of spatio-temporal covariance models 

      Ma, Chunsheng (Springer-Verlag, 2008)
      This paper briefly surveys some recent advances on how to construct spatio-temporal covariance functions, with the emphasis on the methods which can be used to derive covariance functions but not on a summary list of ...
    • Spatial autoregression and related spatio-temporal models 

      Ma, Chunsheng (Elsevier Inc., 2004-01)
      We propose a spatial autoregressive randomfield of order p on the spatial domain Rd for pX2 in this paper, whose univariate margins are the continuous-time autoregression of order p on the real line, and introduce a class ...
    • The use of the variogram in construction of stationary time series models 

      Ma, Chunsheng (Applied Probability Trust, 2004-12)
      This paper studies a class of stationary covariance models, in both the discrete- and the continuous-time domains, which possess a simple functional form γ(τ + τ0) + γ(τ - τ0) - 2γ(τ), where τ0 is a fixed lag and γ(τ) is ...