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    • The BAyesian STellar algorithm (BASTA): a fitting tool for stellar studies, asteroseismology, exoplanets, and Galactic archaeology 

      Aguirre Børsen-Koch, V.; Rørsted, J.L.; Justesen, A.B.; Stokholm, A; Verma, K.; Winther, M.L.; Knudstrup, E.; Nielsen, K.B.; Sahlholdt, C.; Larsen, J.R.; Cassisi, S.; Serenelli, A.M.; Casagrande, L.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Davies, G.R.; Ferguson, Jason W.; Lund, M.N.; Weiss, A.; White, T.R. (Oxford University Press, 2021-09-29)
      We introduce the public version of the BAyesian STellar Algorithm (BASTA), an open-source code written in PYTHON to determine stellar properties based on a set of astrophysical observables. BASTA has been specifically ...
    • Revisiting Kepler-444: I. Seismic modeling and inversions of stellar structure 

      Buldgen, Gaël; Farnir, M.; Pezzotti, C.; Eggenberger, Patrick; Salmon, Sébastien J.A.J.; Montalbán, Josefina; Ferguson, Jason W.; Khan, Saniya; Bourrier, Vincent; Rendle, Ben M.; Meynet, Georges; Miglio, Andxsrea; Noels, Arlette (EDP Sciences, 2019-10-03)
      Context. The CoRoT and Kepler missions have paved the way for synergies between exoplanetology and asteroseismology. The use of seismic data helps providing stringent constraints on the stellar properties which directly ...