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    • Accessibility and selective stabilization of the principal spin states of iron by pyridyl versus phenolic ketimines: modulation of the (6)a(1) <-> t-2(2) ground-state transformation of the [fen4o2](+) chromophore 

      Shongwe, Musa S.; Al-Zaabi, Usama A.; Al-Mjeni, Faizah; Eribal, Carla S.; Sinn, Ekkehard; Al-Omari, Imaddin A.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Matoga, Dariusz; Adams, Harry; Morris, Michael J.; Rheingold, Arnold L.; Bill, Eckhard; Sellmyer, David J. (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2012-08-06)
      Several potentially tridentate pyridyl and phenolic Schiff bases (apRen and HhapRen, respectively) were derived from the condensation reactions of 2-acetylpyridine (ap) and 2'-hydroxyacetophenone (Hhap), respectively, with ...
    • Enhancement of the critical current density in FeO-coated MgB2 thin films at high magnetic fields 

      Surdu, Andrei E.; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Al-Omari, Imaddin A.; Sellmyer, David J.; Socrovisciuc, Alexei V.; Prepelita, Andrei A.; Koparan, Ezgi T.; Yanmaz, Ekrem; Ryazanov, Valery V.; Hahn, Horst; Sidorenko, Anatolie S. (BEILSTEIN-INSTITUT, 2011-12-14)
      The effect of depositing FeO nanoparticles with a diameter of 10 nm onto the surface of MgB2 thin films on the critical current density was studied in comparison with the case of uncoated MgB2 thin films. We calculated the ...
    • Mossbauer investigations in hematite nanoparticles 

      Al-Omari, Imaddin A.; Narayanaswamy, Venkatesha; Halder, Sajib; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Alaabed, Sulaiman; Kamzin, Aleksandr. S.; Muralee Gopi, Chandu V.V.; Khaleel, Abbas A.; Issa, Bashar; Obaidat, Ihab M. (AMG Transcend Association, 2021-10-16)
      Hematite nanoparticles of average size 20 nm were synthesized using the sol-gel method, and the structural characterizations were conducted using XRD and TEM. The XRD profile revealed a small fraction of the maghemite ...