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    • H-spaces, loop spaces and the space of positive scalar curvature metrics on the sphere 

      Walsh, Mark (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2014-10-02)
      For dimensions n >= 3, we show that the space Riem(+)(S-n) of metrics of positive scalar curvature on the sphere S-n is homotopy equivalent to a subspace of itself which takes the form of an H-space with a homotopy ...
    • The HANOHANO Detector and Ongoing Research and Development 

      Cicenas, Blake; Solomey, Nickolas (Elsevier, 2012)
      The Hanohano neutrino detector is a deep sea module that can be submerged to the ocean floor far away from surface radiation. Its Physics goals are the study of geo-neutrinos to probe the isotope source of the 45 TW of ...
    • Harmonic-measure distribution functions for a class of multiply connected symmetrical slit domains 

      Green, Christopher C.; Snipes, Marie A.; Ward, Lesley A.; Crowdy, Darren G. (Royal Society, 2022-03-02)
      The harmonic-measure distribution function, or h-function, of a planar domain Ω ⊂ C with respect to a basepoint z0 ∈ Ω is a signature that profiles the behaviour in Ω of a Brownian particle starting from z0. Explicit ...
    • Higgs boson Mass in GMSB with Messenger–Matter mixing 

      Albaid, Abdelhamid (Elsevier, 2012-12)
      A Higgs-like particle with mass of order 125 GeV has been observed by both ATLAS and CMS experiments. This Higgs mass causes sparticle masses in the several to multi-TeV range in the simple version of minimal GMSB models. ...
    • Higgs boson of mass 125 GeV in gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking models with matter-messenger mixing 

      Albaid, Abdelhamid; Babu, K. S. (American Physical Society, 2013-09-05)
      We investigate the effects of messenger-matter mixing on the lightest CP-even Higgs boson mass m(h) in gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking models. It is shown that with such mixings m(h) can be raised to about 125 GeV, ...
    • A historical overview of connections in geometry 

      Freeman, Kamielle (Wichita State University, 2011-05)
      This thesis is an attempt to untangle/clarify the modern theory of connections in Geometry. Towards this end a historical approach was taken and original as well as secondary sources were used. An overview of the most ...
    • Holomorphic functions on subsets of C 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei (Mathematical Society of Japan, 2013-01)
      Let Gamma be a C-infinity curve in C containing 0; it becomes Gamma(theta) after rotation by angle theta about 0. Suppose a C-infinity function f can be extended holomorphically to a neighborhood of each element of the ...
    • Horizontal bundles and connections 

      Ryan, Justin M. (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2014-04-25)
      A manifold is a mathematical space that locally resembles standard Euclidean space. In order to study the geometry of such a space, it is necessary to prescribe a connection on the manifold. A connection describes how ...
    • How to lift positive Ricci curvature 

      Searle, Catherine; Wilhelm, Frederick (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2015-05-21)
      We show how to lift positive Ricci and almost nonnegative curvatures from an orbit space M / G to the corresponding G-manifold, M. We apply the results to get new examples of Riemannian manifolds that satisfy both curvature ...
    • Hybrid basis scheme for computing electrostatic fields exterior to close-to-touching discs 

      Crowdy, Darren G.; Tanveer, S.; DeLillo, Thomas K. (Oxford University Press, 2016-04)
      This paper presents a simple and effective new numerical scheme for the computation of electrostatic fields exterior to a collection of close-to-touching discs. The method is presented in detail for the two-disc case. The ...
    • Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide over Co-Fe Bimetallic Catalysts 

      Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Jacobs, Gary; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Shafer, Wilson D.; Liu, Fang; Hopps, Shelley D.; Thomas, Gerald A.; Davis, Burtron H. (American Chemical Society, 2016-02)
      A series of Co-Fe bimetallic catalysts was prepared, characterized, and studied for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide. The catalyst precursors were prepared via an oxalate coprecipitation method. Monometallic (Co or Fe) ...
    • Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide over iron carbide prepared from alkali metal promoted iron oxalate 

      Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Shafer, Wilson D.; Hopps, Shelley D.; Davis, Burtron H. (Elsevier, 2018-08-25)
      Iron carbide was prepared by the carburization of iron oxalate doped with various alkali metals in flowing CO at 400 degrees C. The addition of alkali metal (Li, Na, K, Rb or Cs) to iron oxalate was found to decrease the ...
    • Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide over K-Promoted FeCo bimetallic catalysts prepared from mixed metal oxalates 

      Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Jacobs, Gary; Shafer, Wilson D.; Hopps, Shelley D.; Thomas, Gerald A.; Davis, Burtron H. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017-04-07)
      The hydrogenation of carbon dioxide over K-promoted FeCo bimetallic catalysts prepared by sequential oxalate decomposition and carburization of FeCo with CO was studied in a fixed-bed reactor at 240 degrees C and 1.2MPa. ...
    • Hyperbolic cosine ratio and hyperbolic sine ratio random fields 

      Ma, Chunsheng (Elsevier, 2021-12)
      This paper introduces several vector random fields whose finite-dimensional characteristic functions are of hyperbolic type, including generalized logistic, hyperbolic secant, hyperbolic tangent, hyperbolic cosine ratio, ...
    • Hyperbolic problems 

      Isakov, Victor (Springer, 2017)
      In this chapter, we are interested in finding coefficients of the second-order hyperbolic operator.
    • Hyperbolic vector random fields with hyperbolic direct and cross covariance functions 

      Du, Juan; Leonenko, Nikolai; Ma, Chunsheng; Shu, Hong (Taylor & Francis, 2012-06-26)
      This article introduces the hyperbolic vector random field whose finite-dimensional distributions are the generalized hyperbolic one, which is formulated as a scale mixture of Gaussian random fields and is thus an elliptically ...
    • Ill-Posed problems and regularization 

      Isakov, Victor (Springer, 2017)
      In this chapter, we consider the equation.
    • Improved asymptotics of a decreasing mean residual life estimator 

      Lorenzo, Edgardo; Mukerjee, Hari (Taylor & Francis Group, 2014-09-17)
      The mean residual life of a life distribution, X, with a finite mean is defined by M(t) = E[X - t|X > t] for t > 0. Kochar etal. (2000) provided an estimator of M when it is assumed to be decreasing. They showed that its ...
    • Improved measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters by the NOvA experiment 

      Acero, Mario A.; Adamson, P.; Aliaga L.; Meyer, Holger; Muether, Mathew; Roy, P.; Solomey, Nickolas (American Physical Society, 2022-08-03)
      We present new ν μ → ν e , ν μ → ν μ , ¯ ν μ → ¯ ν e , and ¯ ν μ → ¯ ν μ oscillation measurements by the NOvA experiment, with a 50% increase in neutrino-mode beam exposure over the previously ...
    • Improvement of the nova near detector event reconstruction and primary vertexing through the application of machine learning methods 

      Elkarghli, Zakaria A. (Wichita State University, 2020-12)
      The purpose of this work is to examine the application of a deep learning model in event reconstruction of neutrino interactions. The challenges faced in event reconstruction include the placement of an accurate primary ...