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    • Non-negatively curved 6-manifolds with almost maximal symmetry rank 

      Escher, Christine; Searle, Catherine (Springer Nature, 2019-01)
      We classify closed, simply connected, non-negatively curved 6-manifolds of almost maximal symmetry rank up to equivariant diffeomorphism.
    • Numerical comparison of negative damping bounds in a specified domain when the wave speed varies 

      Najafi, M.; Sarhangi, G.R.; Sawan, M. Edwin (IEEE, 1992-06-24)
      The energy decay of a self-excited wave equation utt - c2 ¿ u - P(x)ut = 0 is studied where the wave speed c is greater than one, P(x) ¿ 0, and P(x) L¿(¿), ¿ ¿ ¿ Rn. Moreover, the relationship between two bounds for ...
    • Numerical computation of a preimage domain for an infinite strip with rectilinear slits 

      Kalmoun, El Mostafa; Nasser, Mohamed M.S.; Vuorinen, Matti (Springer Link, 2023-01-16)
      Let Ω be the multiply connected domain in the extended complex plane $\overline {\mathbb {C}}$obtained by removing m non-overlapping rectilinear segments from the infinite strip $S=\{z : \left |\text {Im} z\right |<\pi ...
    • Numerical computation of Schwarz-Christoffel transformations and slit maps for multiply connected domains 

      Kropf, Everett (Wichita State University, 2012-05)
      Two methods for the numerical conformal mapping of domains with m < ∞ separated circular holes to domains with m polygonal holes are presented; bounded and unbounded domains are both considered. The methods are based on ...
    • Numerical methods for Riemann-Hilbert problems in multiply connected circle domains 

      Balu, Raja; DeLillo, Thomas K. (Elsevier Science Inc., 2016-12-01)
      Riemann-Hilbert problems in multiply connected domains arise in a number of applications, such as the computation of conformal maps. As an example here, we consider a linear problem for computing the conformal map from the ...
    • Numerical methods for Riemann-Hilbert problems in multiply connected circle domains 

      Balu, Raja (Wichita State University, 2020-05)
      Riemann-Hilbert problems are problems for determining functions analytic in a given domain with speci ed values on the boundary. Since the real and imaginary parts of an analytic function are related by the Cauchy-Riemann ...
    • NuSol neutrino detector prototypes: An analysis of the efficiency and backgrounds of the detectors 

      Doty, Brian (Wichita State University, 2021-12)
      The NuSol project aims to orbit a satellite fitted with a gallium-doped scintillator within 10 solar radii of the sun on closest approach. The advantage of the close proximity to the sun is a much higher flux of neutrinos ...
    • Observation of seasonal variation of atmospheric multiple-muon events in the NOvA Near Detector 

      Cedeno, Alan J.; Meyer, Holger; Solomey, Nickolas; Altakarli, Sef (American Physical Society, 2019-06-28)
      Using two years of data from the NOvA Near Detector at Fermilab, we report a seasonal variation of cosmic ray induced multiple-muon $(N\mu\ge2)$ event rates which has an opposite phase to the seasonal variation in the ...
    • Observational constraints on the origin of the elements 

      Magg, Ekaterina; Bergemann, Maria; Serenelli, Aldo; Bautista, Manuel; Plez, Bertrand; Heiter, Ulrike; Gerber, Jeffrey M.; Ludwig, Hans-Günter; Basu, Sarbani; Ferguson, Jason W.; Gallego, Helena Carvajal; Gamrath, Sébastien; Palmeri, Patrick; Quinet, Pascal (EDP Sciences, 2022-05-20)
      Context. The chemical composition of the Sun is required in the context of various studies in astrophysics, among them in the calculation of standard solar models (SSMs) used to describe the evolution of the Sun from the ...
    • On an ad hoc test for order restricted multivariate normal means 

      Hu, Xiaomi (Taylor & Francis Group, 2016)
      For several normal mean vectors restricted by a simple ordering with respect to a multivariate order, this article derives sufficient and necessary conditions for the restricted MLEs for both mean vectors and covariance ...
    • On convergence sets of divergent power series 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei; Neelon, Tejinder S. (Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics, 2012)
      A nonlinear generalization of convergence sets of formal power series, in the sense of Abhyankar-Moh [J. Reine Angew. Math. 241 (1970)], is introduced. Given a family y = phi(s)(t, x) = sb(1)(x)t + b(2)(x)t(2) + ... of ...
    • On convergence sets of formal power series 

      Al-Shutnawi, Basma (Wichita State University, 2013-12)
      In this thesis we consider the convergence sets of formal power series of the form f(z, t)=sigma infinity j=0 pj(z)tj, where pj(z) are polynomials. A subset E of the complex plane C is said to be a convergence set if there ...
    • On cusp solutions to a prescribed mean curvature equation 

      Echart, Alexandra K.; Lancaster, Kirk E. (Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 2017-05)
      The nonexistence of "cusp solutions" of prescribed mean curvature boundary value problems in Omega x R when Omega is a domain in R-2 is proven in certain cases and an application to radial limits at a corner is mentioned.
    • On determining sets for holomorphic automorphisms 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Kim, Kang-Tae; Krantz, Steven G.; Ma, Daowei (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, 2006-01-14)
      We study sets K in the closure of a domain D Cn such that, if an automorphism ' of D fixes each point of K, then ' is the identity mapping. A separate result is proved for the case that K lies entirely in the boundary of D.
    • On increased stability in the continuation of the Helmholtz equation 

      Aralumallige, Deepak; Isakov, Victor (IOP Publishing, 2007-08)
      In this paper, we give analytical and numerical evidence of increasing stability in the Cauchy problem for the Helmholtz equation in the whole domain when frequency is growing. This effect depends upon the convexity ...
    • On increasing stability in the two dimensional inverse source scattering problem with many frequencies 

      Entekhabi, Mozhgan (Nora); Isakov, Victor (IOP Publishing, 2018-03-29)
      In this paper, we will study the increasing stability in the inverse source problem for the Helmholtz equation in the plane when the source term is assumed to be compactly supported in a bounded domain O with a sufficiently ...
    • On increasing stability of the continuation for elliptic equations of second order without (Pseudo)convexity assumptions 

      Isakov, Victor (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2019-10)
      We derive bounds of solutions of the Cauchy problem for general elliptic partial differential equations of second order containing parameter (wave number) k which are getting nearly Lipschitz for large k. Proofs use energy ...
    • On inverse gravimetry problem 

      Titi, Aseel (Wichita State University, 2020-05-01)
      The inverse problem in gravimetry is to find a domain D inside the unit disk Ω from boundary measurements of exterior gravitational force. We found that about five parameters of the unknown D can be stably determined given ...
    • On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations 

      Lancaster, Kirk E.; Stanley, Jeremy (Springer-Verlag, 2003-01-01)
      The asymptotic behavior of solutions of second-order quasilinear elliptic and nonhyperbolic partial differential equations defined on unbounded domains in R n contained in {(Xl, ..., Xn): Ix,~ I < ~(~/x~ +... + x~_ 1)} ...
    • On the convergence of row-modification algorithm for matrix projections 

      Hu, Xiaomi; Hansohm, Juergen; Hoffmann, Linda; Zohner, Ye Emma (Elsevier, 2012-02)
      This paper proposes an algorithm for matrix minimum-distance projection, with respect to a metric induced from an inner product that is the sum of inner products of column vectors, onto the collection of all matrices with ...