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    • Resurrecting the chimera: Progressions in parenting and peer processes 

      Forgatch, Marion S.; Snyder, James J.; Patterson, Gerald R.; Pauldine, Michael R.; Chaw, Yvonne; Elish, Katie; Harris, Jasmine B.; Richardson, Eric B. (Cambridge University Press, 2016-08)
      This report uses 6-year outcomes of the Oregon Divorce Study to examine the processes by which parenting practices affect deviant peer association during two developmental stages: early to middle childhood and late childhood ...
    • The role of economic strain on adolescent delinquency: a microsocial process model 

      Low, Sabina; Sinclair, Ryan; Shortt, Joann Wu (American Psychological Association, 2012-08)
      The current study examines the role of economic strain as a moderator of the microsocial processes influencing younger siblings’ delinquency (externalizing behavior and substance use) in a longitudinal design. The younger ...