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    • Oscillatory potentials of X-linked carriers of congenital stationary night blindness 

      Young, Rockefeller S.L.; Chaparro, Alex; Price, Jay M., 1969-; Walters, J. (ARVO, 1989-05)
      ERG oscillatory potentials (OPs) were recorded from obligate carriers of CSNB and from age-matched normal subjects. The OPs were recorded under four stimulus conditions and were analyzed in the time and frequency domains. ...
    • Reading with rods: The superiority of central vision for rapid reading 

      Chaparro, Alex; Young, Rockefeller S.L. (ARVO, 1993-06)
      To investigate why the central portion of the visual field is normally the optimal region for pattern recognition. The study uses a reading paradigm in which the text can only be seen with rod vision. Reading rates were ...
    • Reading with the rod visual system 

      Chaparro, Alex; Young, Rockefeller S.L. (OSA, 1989-03)
      Using the scanned text technique developed by Legge and his colleagues, the present study demonstrates that visually normal subjects can read with the isolated rod visual system. The subjects were able to read text (albeit ...