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    • Are malignant self-regard and vulnerable narcissism different constructs? 

      Huprich, Steven K.; Nelson, Sharon M.; Sohnleitner, Aimee; Lengu, Ketrin J.; Shankar, Sneha; Rexer, Kyle G. (Wiley, 2018-09)
      In the clinical and empirical literature, vulnerable narcissism and malignant self-regard (MSR) have been found to be highly interrelated and associated with theoretically related personality constructs, suggesting that ...
    • Moderation of responsivity to cognitive-behavioral protocols by client preference 

      Rexer, Kyle G. (Wichita State University, 2020-07)
      Consistent with evidence-based practice guidelines, clinicians are expected to take client variables into account, especially when selecting among treatment options that are equivalent in their levels of empirical support ...