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    • Exploring fit between competitiveness and competition in gamification 

      Nguyen, Duy (Wichita State University, 2020-12)
      Gamification research has mainly focused on interpersonal competitiveness and interpersonal competition in exergames. These concepts describe a disposition towards competing with others and the act of competing with others. ...
    • Gaze pattern differences between objective and subjective search of e-commerce web pages 

      Nguyen, Duy; Owens, Justin W.; Chaparro, Alex; Chaparro, Barbara S.; Palmer, Evan M. (Sage, 2012-09)
      Both users and retailers benefit from optimizing e-commerce web pages for consumers who freely browse, subjectively search (e.g., “Find a gift for your uncle.”), or objectively search (e.g., “Find the laptop.”) for ...
    • Visual search efficiency for features in Chernoff faces 

      Siva, Navaneethan; Chaparro, Alex; Nguyen, Duy; Palmer, Evan M. (2013-07)
      Chernoff faces (Chernoff, 1973) graphically depict multidimensional data by correlating features of a cartoon face with values from a data set. Chernoff's original motivation for their use was that people perceptually ...