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    • Expanding the utility of the malignant self-regard construct 

      Lengu, Ketrin J.; Evich, Carly D.; Nelson, Sharon M.; Huprich, Steven K. (Elsevier B.V., 2015-10-30)
      The empirical and theoretical literature suggest that several proposed personality disorders (PDs) - Masochistic/Self-Defeating, Depressive, and Vulnerably Narcissistic - may be related through a common self-representation ...
    • Interpersonal problems and their relationship to depression, self-esteem, and malignant self-regard 

      Huprich, Steven K.; Lengu, Ketrin J.; Evich, Carly D. (Guilford Press, 2016-12)
      DSM-5 Section III recommends that level of personality functioning be assessed. This requires an assessment of self and other representations. Malignant self-regard (MSR) is a way of assessing the level of functioning of ...