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    • Identification reaction time as a function of target and field object orientation 

      Borresen, C. R. (Routledge, 1989-01)
      Four experiments were conducted investigating the effects of (a) target versus field object orientation, (b) target upside up versus target upside down and (c) inverting versus noninverting lenses on object identification ...
    • Illusion reversal rate as a function of subjective depth 

      Borresen, C. R. (Routledge, 1990-01)
      Undergraduate students (N = 48) served as subjects in a test of Gregory's theory of illusions. Twenty-four students made judgments about the subjective depth of three reversible illusions--Necker cube, Book, and Pyramid--under ...
    • Some perceptual and cognitive factors in mirror tracing: their limits 

      Borresen, C. R.; Klingsporn, M. J. (Routledge, 1992-10)
      Three mirror tracing experiments were conducted to investigate the connection between perception and motor behavior. In the first experiment, some subjects traced a hex-maze, other subjects traced a hex-maze after observing ...