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    • The dynamics of house prices and income in the UK 

      Miles, William (Global Social Science Institute, 2020)
      Asset prices and fundamentals can move apart, as is the case during bubble episodes. However, they should exhibit a stable relationship in the long run. For UK housing, previous studies have investigated whether house ...
    • Home prices and fundamentals: solving the mystery for the G-7 by accounting for nonlinearities 

      Miles, William (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019-07-08)
      Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine whether house prices and income share a stable, stationary relationship in the G-7 countries. This stable relationship has been clearly implied by theory but has been ...
    • Long-range dependence in U.S. home price volatility 

      Miles, William (Springer, 2011-04)
      The existence of GARCH effects in a financial price series means that the probability of large losses is much higher than standard mean-variance analysis suggests. Accordingly, several recent papers have investigated whether ...