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    Diverse population, diverse collection? Youth collections in the United States
    (Routledge, 2014-03-17) Williams, Virginia Kay; Deyoe, Nancy
    Do school, public, and academic library collections in the United States provide the children, young adults, and future teachers they serve with books that reflect diverse families and life experiences? Using checklists and OCLC holdings, the authors assessed the extent to which libraries collect youth literature that includes characters from racial and ethnic minorities, characters with disabilities, and characters who identify as LGBTQ. They also assigned public libraries to Conspectus levels and compared youth-diversity holdings by collection expenditures. They found that more than one-third of public libraries spending over $100,000 annually on materials did not achieve the minimal level for representations of diversity in their youth collections, indicating a need for local assessments and additional efforts to provide diverse youth collections.
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    Reaching youth through diverse collections
    (2012-09-21) Williams, Virginia Kay; Deyoe, Nancy
    Do our collections reflect the diverse youth we serve? We present the preliminary results of a nationwide assessment on how collections reflect experiences of youth of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and physical/mental abilities. Attendees will leave with strategies and resources for assessing youth collections.
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    Creating public websites from specialized Voyager data
    (MPLA/KLA Annual Conference, 2009-04-03) Deng, Sai; Deyoe, Nancy; Blackburn, Gemma; Wang, Tse-Min
    We propose to present a model of building public websites from specialized data in Voyager. The website of Faculty Research Publications at Wichita State University will be featured. This presentation will first explore the need of publicly presenting SQL query results from Voyager database, and these needs can include showcasing featured collections such as leisure reading, World War II Newsmap posters, featured authors and new book lists. In presenting our featuring website, we will discuss how we select faculty publications data from the oracle database and store it in Microsoft Access, and how we create the website using ASP, JavaScript, XHTML and CSS for web browsing and search. It will also show some features like connecting each record in this website to OPAC correspondingly, adding RSS feeds, Syndetic and other cover images. Some code will be disposed and future possibilities will also be discussed.
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    Changing needs, changing roles
    (2009-04-01T19:54:02Z) Deyoe, Nancy; Matveyeva, Susan J.; Walker, Mary; Williams, Virginia Kay
    When library needs change, how does technical services respond? In the last two years, Wichita State started an Institutional Repository, created an Electronic Resources position, and coped with the retirement of a long-term Acquisitions Manager. We'll describe our process of communicating and cooperating to define new roles to meet changing needs.
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    NASIG Workshop: The SISAC barcode and the periodicals analysis database
    (Haworth Press, 1997-05-05) Deyoe, Nancy; Payne, Kathy; Park, Amey L.
    This workshop described the development of two serials management databases at Wichita State University (WSU) in Kansas. The databases facilitate periodical labeling, checkin, and use data collection. Usage information is loaded into another database which serves collection development needs. Nancy Deyoe, Principal Cataloger at WSU, described the labeling and checkin processing and workflow features. Kathy Payne, previously Science Librarian at WSU and currently Head of Reference at Weber State University, described the development and use of the collection development program. Both presenters demonstrated the use of the two databases.