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    Influenza pandemics since Russian Flu. Do they provide insight to COVID-19?
    (Wichita State University, 2020-05-03) Dehner, George
    The surprising appearance and rapid spread of Covid-19 has prompted comparisons with pandemic influenza. This presentation will examine influenza pandemics from 1889 Russian flu through the Novel 2009 H1N1 pandemic with an eye to making comparisons to what is known about Covid-19’s rapid global transmission. How are Covid-19 and influenza similar? How do they differ?
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    Wutanfall: emotional entanglements in the East German punk subculture
    (Routledge, 2022-11-23) Hayton, Jeff
    Emotions played a critical role in the history of East German punk subculture. Emerging in the late 1970s, punks challenged the SED state and subverted socialist norms through their music, fashion, and lifestyle. However, punk emotional praxis was marked not by opposition to state socialism, as earlier authors have suggested, but rather by deep entanglements. By exploring the punk subculture in the early 1980s, the author argues that youths engaged in a wide variety of practices that undermined the SED regime, even if they could not be divorced from the East German context. As such, punk emotions were predicated on complex emotional engagement requiring interaction, negotiation, and response by state authorities – and vice versa. This emotional entanglement, in turn, helped structure the subculture and give youth enactments their meaning. Thus, the research presented here revises binary interpretations of East German punk emotionology and sheds light on the functioning of both the subculture and state socialism in the last decade of the GDR.
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    Serving up a slice of entrepreneurship on campus: The new Pizza Hut museum
    (University of California Press, 2022-02-01) Abdinnour, Sue; Meinecke, Rachelle; Parcell, Lisa; Price, Jay M.
    An interdisciplinary team at Wichita State University with individuals from the departments of Business, Communication, History, and Museum Studies worked with a design firm to rehabilitate the first Pizza Hut into a museum, an endeavor that crossed the boundaries of academic, institutional, and corporate voices. Following the university’s commitment to accessibility, shared authority became an asset in showing how the latest technology was not always the solution, as well as how universal design helped reach a broad range of audiences. The result has been a facility that is a unique intersection of brand history, the study of entrepreneurship, and accessibility.
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    The death of captain big tree: Suicide and the perils of US–Iroquois diplomacy in the early 1790s
    (Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 2021-04-01) Owens, Robert M.
    Many works examine how murder complicated Indian–White diplomacy, but historians have largely ignored the impact of suicide. Suicide challenged intercultural relations because of differing interpretations. For Whites, it was a shameful result of mental defect. Prior to 1800, Indians tended to see individuals who died by suicide as sympathetic, tragic figures. When an Indian confederacy north of the Ohio killed Gen. Richard Butler at the Battle of the Wabash in 1791, Big Tree, a Seneca war chief allied to the US, claimed Butler as a "friend of my heart," a virtual kinsman, and vowed blood vengeance. He asked to fight the confederates, but in early 1794, Gen. Anthony Wayne grudgingly agreed to a ceasefire. Big Tree, furious and mortified, killed himself. Stunned, Wayne honored him with a military funeral but later tried to exploit the chief. The American response to Big Tree's death revealed both desperation and an inability to understand his act.
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    Shouting back: Popular music and protest
    (De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2020-12-16) Hayton, Jeff