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    COVID-19: social isolation, social support, and depression among rural older adults
    (Routledge, 2024-01) Jun, Jung Sim; Hag Lee, Kyoung; Baptist, Joyce; Yanez, Arely; Zimmermann, April
    The purpose of this mixed-method study was to better understand how social isolation and support would be associated with depression among older adults in rural areas in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 103 participants completed a Qualtrics survey. As hypothesized, the hierarchical regression findings indicated that depressive symptoms were positively associated with social isolation and were negatively associated with only social support from significant others. Five interviews were analyzed by themes including social isolation, technology use and social connectivity/support, and depression. The findings of this study provide insights and useful information for practitioners to develop effective services.
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    The impact of cyberbullying victimization on academic satisfaction among sexual minority college students: The indirect effect of flourishing
    (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2023-06-29) Lee, Jeoung Min; Park, Jinhee; Lee, Heekyung; Lee, Jaegoo; Mallonee, Jason
    This study examines the association between cyberbullying victimization and academic satisfaction through flourishing (psychological well-being) among 188 LGBTQ college students utilizing the lens of general strain theory and positive psychology. Results indicate that flourishing as a mediator explains the association between cyberbullying victimization and academic satisfaction among LGBTQ college students. For these students, flourishing can serve as a protective factor for their academic satisfaction. This finding highlights the need for college counselors, faculty, and administrators to foster psychological well-being among cyberbullied LGBTQ college students. Practice implications will guide the development of a campus-wide cyberbullying intervention for these students.
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    Differential associations among cyberbullying victimization, parental monitoring, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in male and female college students
    (Routledge, 2023-06-29) Lee, Jaegoo; Kim, Jinwon; Lee, Heekyung; Park, Jinhee; Mallonee, Jason; Lee, Jeoung Min
    Purpose This study aimed to examine the role of parental monitoring and help seeking in the relationship between cyberbullying victimization and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in male and female college students. Method Data were collected for 336 college students (71.72% female and 28.28% male) aged 18 to 24 or older years from two universities in the Midwest and the South Central regions. Results Logistic regression indicated the interaction term of cyberbullying victimization and parental monitoring was negatively related to suicidal thoughts and behaviors in a male group (B?=??.155, p?
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    The role of relationships, curriculum design, and program culture in improving academic and behavioral outcomes in a disciplinary alternative education program: A photovoice study
    (Routledge, 2023-06-26) Shamrova, Daria; Boppre, Breanna; Lampe, Joana; Hastings, Michaela
    The literature on "what works" in disciplinary alternative education is inconclusive. Our current understanding of effective disciplinary alternative education programs is based primarily on quantitative data collected for administrative purposes. The voices of youth directly affected by disciplinary alternative education programs are often excluded from the conversation. To fill this gap in the literature, our study utilizes Photovoice methodology with 11 youth in disciplinary alternative education programs in the Midwest. The findings suggest the importance of positive relationships with adults, having tailored educational curriculum delivery, and addressing punitive elements of program culture for the academic and behavioral outcomes for youth with moderate to high-risk behaviors in a disciplinary alternative education setting. Youth recommend modification of the curriculum, increase in socialization activities, and improvement of disciplinary and incentive procedures.
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    Male survivors of domestic violence, challenges in cultural response, and impact on identity and help-seeking behaviors: A systematic review
    (SAGE Publications, 2023-06-05) McLeod, David Axlyn; Ozturk, Burcu; Butler-King, Renea L.; Peek, Hayden
    Male experiences of domestic and relational violence have been only marginally explored in the literature. In connection to this, attitudes in the community and among service providers and criminal justice system entities can vary dramatically. This variance in attitudes creates an instability which has a differential impact on the help-seeking behaviors of victims. Additionally, help-seeking behaviors are often influenced by internalized shame and confusion on the part of the survivors themselves when their social constructions of masculinity do not align with lived experience. More is needed to understand the nature of male survivorship in situations of relational violence. A systematic review was conducted to begin organizing the data on the topic. This review started with 15,547 peer-reviewed articles. Those were systematically narrowed to a total of 16 of the most recent pieces of empirical science on the topic. The final articles were thematically analyzed. Findings suggest (a) cultural stigma around constructions of masculinity, (b) fear of disclosure, and (c) negative experiences with criminal justice and support system responses, among the highest drivers for the disparate experience and hesitation to seek help.