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    Masculinity in advertising: The power of verbal cue
    (University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Graphic Engineering and Design, 2023-04-07) Nedeljković, Uroš; Puškarević, Irma; Pušnik, Nace
    The portrayal of men in print advertisements has been less attentive subject in comparison to woman depiction analysis, even though research on gender advertising has increased over the last decades. This paper examines the effectiveness of print advertisements in which the visual ad register was developed at the level of the "iconogram" of a muscular mesomorph. Comparing the findings of numerous studies which indicate less affective response towards the images of nudity of the same gender, a hypothesis was proposed: the effectiveness mediator of advertisements is the verbal cue of the advertisement when a universal quantifier of muscular mesomorph is being used. In the first study, we conducted the content analysis to target the most frequent representation of a man in advertisements for health and beauty products. The second study was designed to test the proposed hypothesis using photographs from International Affective Picture System database. The stimuli were in a form of advertisements designed for the purpose of research combining IAPS images and the verbal cue. The experiment included 100 male students aged 20 to 31. Overall, our findings confirm negative response to male pictures (ads without verbal cue) when the figure is not fully dressed. However, we discover that visual register significantly affects the increase self-reported positive valence ratings, in health and beauty ads for men when they are depicted as iconogram of muscular mesomorph. This study contributes to our understanding of how male consumers respond to same-sex imagery in print advertisements when there is not fully dressed muscular mesomorph depicted.
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    COVID-19 Its impact on the performing arts and its audiences
    (Wichita State University, 2020-09-25) Miller, Rodney; Baker, Danette; MacDonald, David; Miller, Matt; Santiago, Marisa
    The disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on the events industry, of which the performing arts is a significant portion, is devastating. It was the first industry to close down and will be the last to fully open back up. This industry supports 11 million jobs and generates over $1.75 trillion a year in direct, indirect and induced spending—greater than agriculture, broadcasting and telecommunications, auto manufacturing, truck and rail transportation, and computer systems design and related services.
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    Education and its challenges in post COVID time
    (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Graphic Engineering and Design, 2022-11-05) Pušnik, Nace; Urbas, Raša; Weingerl, Primož; Puškarević, Irma; Pulaski, Jeff; Sulyok, Levente; Ray, Jennifer
    Globalisation, has been challenged in the last two years by the emergence of the Corona virus. In particular, the events of the last two years have had a tremendous impact on the educational process throughout the world, as the learning process has taken a completely new turn; the young people, who have been deprived of much unconcern, have lost the most in terms of educational processes. Despite these facts, with a lot of effort, it has been possible to maintain the high level of education and knowledge transfer with the help of modern technologies (online learning). Even more, successful practises and thus real-time networking and education have been achieved. One of the results of the above work is also the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) and the US state of Kansas (Wichita State University), which started in October 2021 and ended in January 2022. We created a project that involves students from both continents and gives them the opportunity to learn about cultural and linguistic differences. Multilingual communication is something to strive for, especially in the post-covid times. Slovenian students learned about US states and tried to represent them graphically in an appropriate way by imitating the design of letters or inscriptions. Following the same principle, Kansas students were also involved in the project, with the difference that they were able to collect and learn data about different European countries. The result of the bilateral cooperation was a world map that represents the state or country as the students see and perceive it. In designing the map, the students considered historical, sociological, and cultural aspects specific to a region. This laid the foundation for further collaboration and created a basis that can help educate and learn about cultural and linguistic differences in the world in the future. The first phase of the project is currently ongoing, but will be expanded in the coming years. The aim of the project is to create a graphic printout of all the countries in the world, displayed in what is called a typography world map. Our aim is to connect educational institutions from all over the world and thus contribute to the acceptance of cultural and linguistic differences.
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    Gaming utopia : ludic worlds in art, design, and media
    (Indiana University Press, 2021-04) Pederson, Claudia C.
    In Gaming Utopia: Ludic Worlds in Art, Design, and Media, Claudia Costa Pederson analyzes modernist avant-garde and contemporary video games to challenge the idea that gaming is an exclusively white, heterosexual, male, corporatized leisure activity and reenvisions it as a catalyst for social change. By looking at over fifty projects that together span a century and the world, Pederson explores the capacity for sociopolitical commentary in virtual and digital realms and highlights contributions to the history of gaming by women, queer, and transnational artists. The result is a critical tool for understanding video games as imaginative forms of living that offer alternatives to our current reality. With an interdisciplinary approach, Gaming Utopia emphasizes how game design, creation, and play can become political forms of social protest and examines the ways that games as art open doors to a more just and peaceful world
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    Understanding gaming perceptions and experiences in a women's college community
    (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017) Shaer, Orit; Westendorf, Lauren; Knouf, Nicholas A.; Pederson, Claudia C.
    Recent trends in gaming diversification have shown that women are both an increasingly significant pool of consumers and game producers, and regular victims of misogynistic harassment. Such observations stress the importance of investigating the complex relationships of women and gaming. In this paper, we draw upon perspectives from Feminist HCI to extend the current knowledge of issues in gaming that are specific to women. We present results from a mixed-methods study with 327 participants who are students and alumnae of a women's college. Our findings shed light on the complex relationships of women with games, with other gamers, and with gaming culture and industry. The results also indicate that in some cases gender-related negative experiences of gaming have lasting impact on the participation and self-confidence of young women. We conclude by discussing the implications of our findings for the design of games, game development education, and for the study of gaming.