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    Semi inclusive neutral current neutral pion production selection at the nova (numi off-axis electron neutrino appearance) near detector using prong level convolutional neural networks
    (Wichita State University, 2018-04-27) Cedeno, Alan J.; Muether, Mathew
    The NOvA neutrino experiment based in Fermilab is designed to measure ๐œˆ๐œ‡ โ†’ ๐œˆ๐‘’ neutrino oscillations. Neutral current (NC) muon neutrino events (events where there is no outgoing charged lepton) can mimic the muon neutrino to electron neutrino oscillation signal and therefore are an important background for NOvA to understand. Neutral pions decay into two photons which can fake a single electron shower (electron neutrino appearance signal) in two ways: either the 2 gamma's can merge together or one of them may escape detection. In order to constrain this background, NOVA utilizes the Near Detector to measure neutral current ๐œ‹0 neutrino interactions. In this analysis, neutrino-Nucleus (muon neutrinos to Nucleus) NC ๐œ‹0 interactions with total pion energy greater then 0.3 GeV are studied by selecting 2 prong events with a final state ๐œ‹0 as determined by prong based CVN (Convolutional Visual Networks). The analysis is performed on 3.54 x 10^21 POT (Protons On Target) of NOvA Near Detector data. Optimization of the selection based on fractional cross section uncertainty and energy resolution of the final sample are presented.
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    Better together? Eamining the usability of the EMR using the desktop and native mobile application
    (Wichita State University, 2017-04-28) Leverenz, Tiffany; Fouquet, Sarah; Chan, Y. Raymond; Kennedy, Brandan; Fitzmaurice, Laura; Chaparro, Barbara S.
    The purpose of this study was to compare hospitalists' performance, workload, and satisfaction on a commercial EMR via desktop and a native mobile application. Twelve attending pediatric hospitalists were recruited at Children's Mercy Kansas City using an online survey. Participants were successful in completing tasks on both devices, except for ordering an X-ray and locating a specific document, where participants were more successful on the desktop. Difficulty was rated statistically higher on mobile for three of six comparable tasks. Workload was rated statistically higher on mobile for the dimensions of effort and frustration. The difference between overall preference ratings between the desktop and mobile was not statistically significant. Overall, participants liked that the mobile EMR provides access where the desktop cannot, namely in hallways, on rounds, or at the bedside. Due to limited functionality, the mobile EMR is currently a complement to the desktop, rather than a replacement.
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    Magnetic susceptibility analysis of conducting polymers
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School., 2005-04-22) Ayesh, Stefania; Kahol, Pawan K.
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