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Susan Matveyeva is a SOAR manager. She earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy of Culture in the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy (Moscow, Russia); Master's of Library and Information Science in Wayne State University (Detroit, MI), and B.A. in Theory and History of Music in Odessa State Conservatory (Odessa, Ukraine). Dr. Matveyeva joined Wichita State University in 2002 as Assistant Professor and Catalog Librarian. In 2009, she was promoted to a tenured Associate Professor and Institutional Repository Librarian.

Dr. Matveyeva's current research interests include scholarly communication, electronic publishing, institutional repositories, access to digital information, and digital libraries.

This collection includes research on Russian modernization, the Akhiezer's sociocultural theory, and ethno-national conflicts (in Russian) and library studies (in English).


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    Promoting university inventors: Patent collection in Shocker Open Access Repository
    (New Prairie Press, 2020) Matveyeva, Susan J.; Henning, Samantha
    Wichita State University is known for its advances in STEM research for many decades, but there were few inventions patented by WSU. In recent years, commercialization of the results of applied research, especially bioengineering, became a university focus; the number of WSU owned patents increased significantly. WSU initiated several initiatives to support university inventors. These included the development of the Innovation Campus and WSU Venture. The Wichita State University Libraries decided to join these efforts by not only providing information to inventors as a Patent and Trademark Resource Center but to archive and increase awareness of their patents. To increase the visibility of the work of WSU inventors, Wichita State University librarians created a collection of Wichita State Patents in the university's institutional repository SOAR: Shocker Open Access Repository (Wichita State University Patents, 2016). Patent records within SOAR are unique compared to those previously established. This paper details our preparation for this project, such as learning best practices, patent databases, vocabulary and classification, development of guidelines, steps in creation and maintenance of the collection, and its usage.
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    Building the Bridge: collaboration between Technical Services and Special Collections
    (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2014-10-08) Matveyeva, Susan J.; Walker, Lizzy
    At Wichita State University Ablah Library, members of Technical Services and Special Collections began collaborating on a mass digitization project to increase visibility and accessibility of Special Collections holdings, and to digitally preserve brittle rare materials. Both departments scan collections, create metadata, and upload materials into CONTENTdm. The departments overcame challenges regarding the project, such as limited collaboration between the departments, poor communication, minimal metadata, and differences in quality control expectations.
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    Building collections in IRs from external data sources
    (2012-10) Deng, Sai; Matveyeva, Susan J.
    This presentation will address the experiments of building research publication collections from external data sources such as PubMed, IEEE Xplore and Web of Science in the DSpace based institutional repository (IR). To get data from other sources is an alternative way to develop collections for different disciplines since author self-deposit has not become a common practice for institutional repositories. This is also an effort in line with the current metadata cataloging trend of moving from item by item cataloging to batch processing of metadata, repurposing of metadata between different systems and communities, and providing value-added data services to students and faculty in an IR. It will discuss the options to batch transform, enhance and transfer over 720 student and faculty publications from Medline format in PubMed to Dublin Core (DC) in DSpace. In the PubMed-DSpace project, PubMed provided XML is mapped and transformed to DCXML, exported to and enhanced in Excel, divided to separate departmental collections and batch loaded to DSpace server. It will talk about project planning, workflow management and record prototype creation based on the user needs. It will cover technical details including selection of metadata fields, mapping of Medline to DC, name authority check, content enrichment such as adding more DOI and other links, descriptions, copyright information and the article peer-review status, data normalization, data accuracy and consistency check. It will discuss the implementation and customization of an add-on to facilitate DSpace data batch import. At the same time it will discuss the challenges in adding institutional research outcome u sing this new approach such as: the advantages and disadvantages of the different options to transform Medline to DC, data acquisition and content recruitment, metadata granularity and generality, selection of multiple subject types and identifiers, content enhancement, and copyright compliance. The cases of collecting data from IEEE Xplore and Web of Science, enhancing data in spreadsheets and batch load it to separate departmental collections in DSpace will be included. Other possibilities of adding data from external databases and the open web to the IR will also be discussed.
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    Repository services for students, faculty, and research administration
    (Kansas Library Association, 2012-04-12) Matveyeva, Susan J.
    Institutional repository services are a fast growing new academic library service. Unlike other library services focused on delivering information created elsewhere, institutional repository services concentrate on collecting, organizing, and providing access to information created in the university or college that an academic library serves. Having students, faculty, and university / college administration as its stakeholders, the institutional repository develops services for each group. The presentation will provide a detailed description of major institutional repository programs and outlines a comprehensive and focused strategy for the institutional repository development. Based on experiences of a repository manager.
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    How to establish a successful institutional repository in a small or medium-sized academic institution
    (2011-10-21) Matveyeva, Susan J.
    The presentation is focused on a concept of an institutional repository designed for a medium-sized or small colleges and universities. This concept takes into consideration the needs of smaller institutions and the niche institutional repository may fill. Practical steps for the establishment of a successful repository in a smaller institution are discussed as well as the functions of a repository in a smaller institution. The new repository service is observed from the point of views of its major constituencies: faculty, students, and administration.