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    Multiple Criteria Decision Making
    (CRC Press, An imprint of the Taylor and Francis Group, 2008) Masud, Abu S.M.; Ravindran, A. Ravi
    Decision problems often exhibit these characteristics: the presence of multiple, conflicting criteria for judging alternatives and the need for making compromises of trade-offs regarding the outcomes of alternative courses of action. This chapter covers some of the practical methods available for helping make better decisions for these types of problems.
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    Economics of quality improvement in manufacturing processes based on attributes
    (2008) Weheba, Gamal S.; Tola, Akale M.; Masud, Abu S.M.
    Traditional models of the cost of quality combine prevention and appraisal expenses and consider their coupled effect on failure costs. This approach conceals the real economic value of continuous process improvement and undermines its scope and objectives. In this paper we represent a modified cost function based on the revised model developed by Weheba and Elshennawy [1]. The modified function can be used to estimate the total reactive costs at a given stable level of operation utilizing attribute data. A case study is presented with numerical evaluations to illustrate its performance.
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    An aggregate production planning model and application of three multiple objective decision methods
    (Industrial Engineering and Management Press, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1984) Masud, Abu S.M.; Hwang, C.L.
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    An algorithm for multiple-objective non-linear programming
    (Palgrave Macmillan, 1989) Masud, Abu S.M.; Zheng, Xitong
    An interactive algorithm to solve multiple-objective non-linear programming (MONLP) problems is proposed. In each iteration of the proposed algorithm, the decision-maker is presented with a solution and a set of direction (trade-off) vectors indicating possible trade-offs. Using the decision-maker's preferred trade-off vector, a new current solution and the corresponding trade-off vectors are found. The proposed algorithm is illustrated with a numerical example of a replacement model. Finally, the method is compared with four other interactive multiple-objective algorithms.
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    Forecasting plant labor productivity with a time series model
    (Elsevier Ltd., 1985) Masud, Abu S.M.
    Plant labor productivity index, defined as the ratio of the standard labor hours and actual labor hours, is an important factor in the determination of the future manpower needs at Cessna Aircraft Co. (Pawnee Division). In this paper, a time series model based on the Box-Jenkins modelling approach is developed. A greater accuracy in forecasting future labor productivity index has been achieved by using this model.