The New Toyi Toyi

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The New Toyi Toyi draws from research on Swazi, Southern African, and African cultural life. It was inspired by the quest for solutions to Africa’s problems conceptualized as ‘disease’ in the play, the need to seek for answers in African cultural strengths that have sustained life on the planet for centuries, and necessary but careful connection with the global world. The play was well received during its performance in Swaziland and had good press reviews.

“Despite the Sarafina II fiasco, the HIV/AIDS debate is too important for South Africa’s future to be left to pharmaceuticals and multinationals, on the one hand, and to government, on the other hand…We must produce writers, journalists, analysts and commentators who will be above parroting the Mail and Guardian, the voice of big business and white enterprise outrageously trying to pass for the voice of mass struggle…. Writers will have to delve into the fray in (de)constructive, corrective ways. On this most critical of subjects the only drama text I have read is The New Toyi Toyi set in Swaziland… .”

—Mbulelo V. Mzamane

Activist, Writer, and Professor of English, University of Fort Hare, South Africa


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