Proceedings 2009: 5th Annual Symposium: Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects

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Editorial Board Members for 2009 GRASP Symposium


Mara Alagic , Graduate School Assistant Dean

Editorial Board

Anthony DiLollo, Dept. of Comm. Sci. and Disorders , College of Health Professions

Patricia Dooley, the Elliott School of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kathy Downes, University Libraries

Annette Lezotte, School of Art & Design, College of Fine Arts

Ken Miller, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sue Nyberg, Dept. of Physician Assistant, College of Health Professions

Jeremy Patterson, Dept. of Human Performance Studies, College of Education

Jodi Pelkowski, Dept. of Economics, School of Business

Jay Price, Dept. of History, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

T.S. Ravigururajan, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Edwin Sawan, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Science Engineering, College of Engineering

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    5th Annual Symposium on Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01) Alagic, Mara
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    Identifying users' characteristics critical to product selection using Rough Set theory
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01) Ahmady, Ali
    A consumer's purchase decision making process is very complex. It is obvious that the set of product functional features has a major role in the purchase decision. However, for a same product, users may have different assessments. So it seems that other factors than product functional characteristics play a role in decision making. Frequently, customers are segmented based on characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location, etc. Nevertheless, in many cases it has been seen that the customers in the same segment have different points-of-view for the same product. For example, some customers in a group may consider a product suitable while others don't. Inconsistencies between customers can cause uncertainty for designers in producing the most satisfying product attributes. This paper presents a method to resolve this kind of uncertainty using Rough Set Theory. The input of this method is users' evaluation data for a product with respect to a specific customer subjective feeling. The output is sets of the most influential users' characteristics on their product selection preferences. By using reduced sets of users' characteristics, designers are able to reclassify users and resolve inconsistencies.
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    Speech-language pathologists' self-assessment of knowledge regarding medications to treat behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorder.
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01) Crumrine, Daiquirie; Self, Trisha L.; Hale, LaDonna S.
    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are often prescribed medications to help control self-injurious behaviors, aggression, compulsive behaviors, and hyperactivity. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) should be familiar with medication-related behavior changes and side effects. The purpose of this study was to evaluate SLPs' self-assessment of knowledge regarding medications prescribed to children with ASD. SLPs registered with the Kansas Speech- Language Hearing Association were provided a link to an online survey. The response rate was 13%, (n = 56). Overall, 88% of respondents felt they had a good understanding of ASD characteristics; but only 15% felt they had a good understanding of ASD medications. Only 14% were satisfied with their medication knowledge, 79% wanted to be more knowledgeable, and 60% felt they knew where to locate medication information. SLPs that completed continuing education were more likely to be satisfied with their knowledge regarding ASD characteristics than with ASD medications.
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    Statistical presentation of the flight environment of the propellers on commuter aircraft
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01) Dorfling, Johann; Kliment, Linda K.; Rokhsaz, Kamran
    Data obtained from digital flight data recorders installed on a fleet of 27 Beech 1900D airliners are used to assess the actual operational environment of propellers on commuter aircraft. The data consists of 910 complete flights and 589 flight hours. The short duration takeoff rotation is identified as the most severe phase of operation with regard to vibratory loads on the propeller blades resulting from a tilted inflow angle. Also, normal accelerations data, which reflect the turbulence experienced in flight, is converted to the resulting change in the propeller inflow angle. Increasing altitude shows a significant reduction in the frequency and magnitude of the inflow angle variation caused by gusts. The information is presented in statistical formats that could enable the FAA, manufacturers and operators to better understand and control those factors that influence the structural integrity of these components
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    Parental involvement in a rural consolidated school district
    (Wichita State University. Graduate School, 2009-05-01) Grant, Natalie S.; Patterson, A. Kathleen; Stout, Lance D.; Surland, Robin
    The rural consolidated school district of Ingleside in South Central Kansas faces unique challenges in managing communication and providing opportunities for parental involvement and shared decision making. The lack of attachment to the school district was a deterrent for families as they held on to the identity of their home community. As students transition from the five elementary or K-8 schools in their diverse communities, into one consolidated high school, there have been unaddressed and emerging needs. The research team studied how the Ingleside District could better understand the needs and perceptions of parents and students as related to their involvement and to the overall decision-making processes. The researchers found that the Ingleside District has challenges in truly helping parents, teachers, and students join together as a unified consolidated school district. These challenges include developing transparent mechanisms and processes for engaging and inviting parents to participate. Through a new sense of unity, the school district and the community can create the capacity to face hard decisions still ahead of them.