Lambda Alpha Journal, v.24, 1993

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The Lambda Alpha Journal is published annually by the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honors Society and is intended as a forum for the publication of article manuscripts, reviews and essays by students, faculty, other professional and avocational anthropologists in any of the subdisciplines of the field. The Journal encourages responses to published papers, both in the Journal and elsewhere. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Lambda Alpha Editorial Staff. The Lambda Alpha Journal is partially funded by the Wichita State University Student Government Association.

Student Editors Antonio T. Freeman, Richard H. Plouch
Production Editor Donna Martinson

Editor Peer H. Moore-Jansen, Ph.D


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    Lambda Alpha Journal v 24 (complete version)
    (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1993) Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society for Anthropology
    This issue of LAJ consists of three articles: The Creative Mind at the Mercy of Society by Christine Morvillo; A Look at the Educational System in The People's Republic of China and the Impact of Changing Governmental Ideology by Donna J. Martinson; A Summary of the Skeletal Biology of South America by Ann Ross.
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    The creative mind at the mercy of society
    (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1993) Morvillo, Christine
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    A look at the educational system in the People's Republic of China and the impact of changing governmental ideology
    (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1993) Martinson, Donna J.
    Author looked into the history of education in China and how it has changed in form, scope, and emphasis since the time of Confucius. Consideration is given to the current educational system, examining the various levels and types of education and some of the issues involved. The issues and challenges facing the Chinese educational system in general as it moves into the future are explored.
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    A summary of the skeletal biology of South America
    (Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Wichita State University, 1993) Ross, Ann
    The purpose of this paper is to summarize the studies carried out in the field of physical anthropology in South America. The primary aspects of the study of physical anthropology are to establish, from a morphological point of view, the similarities and/or differences between populations of a particular geographic region (Munizaga 1980:124). The principle method of accomplishment is based on the comparative study of skeletal size and shape; in South America the most important analysis is that of the skull (Munizaga 1980:124).