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    A long time ago, in a copy room far, far away: An empirical examination of movie intertextuality in nostalgic advertising
    (Wichita State University, 2024-05) Taylor, Sydney Margaret; Parcell, Lisa
    This thesis explores the efficacy of utilizing movies as catalysts for retro marketing, investigating whether intertextual retro advertising is preferred by consumers over non-intertextual advertising methods. Drawing upon theories of nostalgia and narrative transportation, the study delves into the intricate dynamics of consumer behavior and perception within the realm of advertising. Through qualitative analysis of three focus group discussions and examination of emerging themes, the research sheds light on the multifaceted nature of advertising effectiveness, considering factors such as emotional appeals, episodic memories, authenticity, and audience segmentation. Findings indicate that movies serve as potent catalysts for retro marketing, evoking nostalgia and fostering emotional connections with consumers across generational boundaries. Intertextual retro advertising emerges as a preferred strategy, resonating more strongly with consumers due to its ability to evoke feelings of authenticity and cultural relevance. However, challenges such as cost, authenticity concerns, and the risk of demographic dissonance underscore the complexities of implementing these forms of celebrity endorsement and product placement strategies. Ultimately, the study offers valuable insights for marketers seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of nostalgic advertising and develop impactful campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.
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    “War! What is it good for?” A historical analysis of music and politics during the Vietnam era
    (Wichita State University, 2024-05) Otto, Alexander; Parcell, Lisa
    The Vietnam War has been said to be the least popular war the United States was involved in during the 20th century. Through the fighting, social change, politics, and other turmoil, the music of that era became a cultural phenomenon. This study presents a comprehensive historical analysis of the themes related to the relationship between the music and politics during the Vietnam era. This study looked at how music artists responded to and influenced the cultural and political environment of the time. By analyzing different types of music such as anti-war songs, protest anthems, and patriotic songs, along with the historical events that coincide with their release, this study aims to highlight the complexity of the relationship between music and politics during the Vietnam era.
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    Social interaction of users in video game live streaming: A reasoned action approach
    (Wichita State University, 2024-05) Lee, Tristan; Xiao, Min
    This study uses the theory of reasoned action to examine the influence of social interactions among users in Video Game Live Streaming (VGLS) chat rooms on their intention to buy a subscription and send a donation to a specific streaming channel. Structural equation modeling analysis is employed to investigate the relationship between inter-user social interactions and a user's attitude and subjective norms regarding buying a subscription and sending a donation. The results show a positive correlation between inter-user social interactions and these spending behaviors, and interactions with moderators possibly playing the most significant role in shaping users' attitudes and subjective norms toward purchasing subscriptions and making donations.
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    How to judge a book by its cover
    (Wichita State University, 2022-07) Nulik, Kristina; Parcell, Lisa
    Book covers publicize and sell books by portraying meaning to society. Designers know that cover image(s), color, title and author, typeface, or a combination of these components grabs the readers’ attention to further investigate a book, but it is not known how these elements work together. This study seeks to determine what the eye is drawn to in the initial sighting of book covers, the importance placed on the design of a cover as a whole, and to find out how readers make a choice based on visuals. Specifically, how consumers choose books based on the cover.
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