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    Studying execution time and memory transfer time of image processing using GPU cards
    (IEEE, 2021) Asaduzzaman, Abu; Jojigiri, Srinivas; Sabu, Thushar; Tailam, Sanath
    With advancements in technology, the size and quantity of captured images to be analyzed are rapidly increasing. As the number of pixels in an image increases (more than 20 megapixels), additional processing power is required to process the images in a time-efficient manner. Modern computer systems with multicore Central Processing Unit (CPU) and General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPU, short for GPGPU) show promise in processing images. However, different GPU cards provide different kinds of performance on different imaging techniques. In this work, we study execution time and memory overhead of three different GPU cards on two image processing algorithms, namely Sobel filter along with Bilateral filter and Canny edge detector. GPU cards used are Nvidia Tesla/Fermi C2075, GeForce/Maxwell GTX-965, and Tesla/Kepler K20. Experimental results with more than 120 megapixels show that K20 provides the best execution time speedup (more than 300x) for the Sobel filter. Whereas, GTX-965 provides the best speedup (almost 120x) for the Canny edge detector. It is also observed that the memory transfer time due to GTX-965 is minimum (about 0.21 seconds for the Sobel filter and 0.23 seconds for the Canny detector). For both algorithms, GTX-965 performs better or about the same as C2075. This study is helpful to select the right GPU card for a given problem.
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    Dedicated backup units to alleviate overload on SDN controllers
    (IEEE, 2019-03-14) Almohaimeed, Abdulrahman; Asaduzzaman, Abu
    Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a rapidly evolving architecture for computer networking that transforms computer networks into software-driven organizations. The traditional SDN architecture relies on a centralized single controller to manage the entire network operations, which may lead to insufficient capacity to carry a substantial amount of information and processing on various time scales. In this paper, we propose a new approach, called a Dedicated Backup Unit (DBU), for improving the processing capabilities of SDNs. DBUs impact the controller by separating the load of intensive operations into different dedicated units to reduce the processing overload from the SDN controller. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed model, we implement a simulation model to demonstrate the feasibility of the DBUs, and the results confirm that the enhancement of the DBUs shows a 30% decrease in the overall controller load.
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    An auspicious secure processing technique for near field communication systems
    (IEEE, 2016) Asaduzzaman, Abu; Mazumder, Shanta; Salinas Monroy, Sergio A.
    The near field communication (NFC) technology helps save both time and power when compared with Bluetooth and other similar technologies. However, NFC is vulnerable to various networking attacks such as message modification. In this work, a secure processing technique is introduced to protect the NFC devices and associated data from several attacks. A certificate record is added to the NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) message to enhance security. The proposed processing technique in a NFC system checks the authenticity of the sender, then if appropriate, processes the incoming NDEF messages and stores them in device memory. Using MATLAB, an NFC system with the proposed processing technique is simulated. Simulation results suggest that the processing time increases linearly as the certificate size increases and the processing time remains almost the same for various record sizes. It is also observed that the proposed protocol offers better security by detecting tag manipulation, certificate modification, etc. The proposed secure processing technique for NFC can be extended to enhance security in ubiquitous computing and mobile communication.