Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, v.13 no.1

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    Journal of Management & Engineering Integration, v.13, no.1 (Summer)
    (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2020-06) Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS)
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    Application of Markov Models for decision making under uncertainty in the electric utility industry
    (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2020-06) Tettey, Anyama; Hensley, Kim; Gholston, Sampson
    Planning in the Power Systems distribution involves a formal decision-making process of identifying and prioritizing network improvement projects such as the construction of substations, interconnecting feeder links and general upgrade works, with the aim is of providing an efficient service to the customer without damage to the utility's equipment and customer's property or personnel. This task is plagued with uncertainties associated with load growth and demand due to changing weather conditions and other unforeseen developments, which affects the ability to maximize efficiency and utilization. This paper proposes the use of Markov Models as a more effective technique by utility planners and managers for their decision-making efforts under such uncertainties. The authors develop a load flow modeling approach that takes into consideration the stochastic nature of customer demand and uses the distribution network profiles as fitness values to be optimized. A ranking of the criteria of interest based on the decision makers preferences is the result of the optimization algorithm. This provides a formal process for decision making by the management of utility companies.
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    Assessing the internet service providers in Egypt
    (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2020-06) Abdallah, Khaled S.; Adel, Yasmin
    Internet is no longer a luxury or an optional service. Most of the people nowadays require some sort of internet connection to be able to carry out daily activities and work. Egypt has been investing in upgrading the internet infrastructure with major improvements to the speed and stability of the internet connections. Recently, all the major internet service providers in Egypt introduced plans with faster speeds, more traffic cap, and cheaper prices, but the throttling speeds have been sharply decreased. However, there is some sort of dissatisfaction of the service that is common among different users around. The aim of this research is to assess the performance of the four major internet service providers in Egypt. There is little research on the quality of the internet service providers in Egypt from the perspective of customers, whether residential or commercial customers. In this research, a model is proposed to find the service factors that matter the most to the customers in Egypt. A questionnaire is developed based on the proposed model. The questionnaire is first distributed on a pilot sample of diverse customers to evaluate whether it was easily understood, or not, and to ensure that appropriate answers were received. The questionnaire is then distributed among a large number of commercial and residential customers. The performance of the major Internet Service Providers is assessed and the room for improvement is identified. The paper results include analysis of the factors that contribute the most to the customer satisfaction in Egypt and the priorities of the performance from the customer perspective so that the companies should work on.
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    A study of the effect of vibration on accuracy of 3D-printed parts via VAT photopolymerization
    (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2020-06) Nassar, Odai Mohammad Mahmoud; Moscoso-Kingsley, Wilfredo
    Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology has emerged as a promising alternative for many industries, including aerospace, space, automobile, medical and biomedical. This is due to AM's advantages over traditional manufacturing processes in terms of material savings, the ability to produce customized microstructures and complex geometries. The result has been the manufacture of structures with optimum strength to weight ratios, especially when design for AM is optimized via finite element analysis. However, there are some challenges that impede AM. One challenge is the limited accuracy typically associated with all AM processes. Considerable investigations connect three-dimensional (3D) printing parameters, part scaling, and solid model discretization with AM printing accuracy. However, there appears to be a lack of knowledge regarding the effect of vibrations on the 3D printing accuracy. Additive manufacturing machines could be prone to vibration from adjacent machines in the workshop even when vibration isolation systems are deployed. Moreover, there are instances where intentional application of vibration during 3D printing has been found helpful to develop material structure. Therefore, it is of importance to investigate the effect of vibrations on 3D printing accuracy. In this study, controlled levels of vibrations were applied during the vat photopolymerization printing process, and a high-precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) was used to correlate induced vibrations with dimensional and geometric accuracy of the printed parts.
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    A probabilistic dynamic programing model for determining optimum inventories
    (Association for Industry, Engineering and Management Systems (AIEMS), 2020-06) Wang, John; Zhou, Steve Bin; Pei, Zhi
    The occurrence and size of snowfall, and therefore, the level of demand for salt, are uncertain for each week. Therefore, a probabilistic inventory model is required. This will be a periodic review model - the inventory of salt at the beginning of each week will determine the optimal quantity to be purchased to satisfy expected demand. Dynamic programming with a backward recursion is utilized to determine weekly optimal costs/inventory level.