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    Online instruction successes and challenges: faculty viewpoints
    (Wichita State University, 2019-07) Klaassen, Chantelle A.; Alagic, Mara
    The purpose of this exploratory mixed method study was to investigate how the successes and challenges of online learning are perceived by graduate faculty. The review of the current literature focused on: course development, course delivery, and evaluating course quality. Although there is a large number of studies focused on online learning, our review demonstrated a deficiency of research about online graduate courses quality of learning. The literature provoked the following questions: How would instructors describe the course development process? What do instructors consider the most important steps in delivering an online course? How is the effectiveness of an instructor's class determined and how much value do they place on that process? Part 1 of the study included a Likert-scale Qualtrics survey consisted of 20 multiple-choice questions that asked participants to share their perspectives/perceptions. Part 2 involved interviews with instructors. Results indicate that faculty views about successes and challenges with online learning vary depending on the instructor's online teaching experience, quality of various levels of, support and subject matter. Some key themes identified successes is more standards and technical support for designing course. The challenges identified include the heavy workload online learning creates and how to best evaluate online learning.
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    A study of the prevailing practice of teaching composition in grades VII, VIII, and IX
    (Wichita State University, 1931-06) Tucker, Frances; Hillbrand, Earl K.
    The purpose of this investigation is to study the prevailing practice of teaching English composition in grades seven, eight, and nine. This study is meant to supplement other studies in the field of English work for these grades particularly those of Miss Mary Margaret Strohl and Miss Katie Lansdowne. It is the purpose of t his investigation to ascertain how much time is given to the study of oral and written expression, what topics are considered appropriate and worthwhile for class work , and what methods and devices are re commended for the teaching of composition in grades seven , eight , and nine .
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    Reorganization of 9A grammar based on the Morrison theory of unit learnings
    (Wichita State University, 1931-08) Westacott, Nellie Emma; Hillbrand, Earl K.
    Some of the defects of the present organization are: (1) that information gained in the classroom functions little if at all outside the classroom, (2) that the pupils assume a "get by" attitude and consider the performance the goal, (3) that the honor roll and honor systems place premiums on mere grades and not real learning, (4) that with the present plan or so many semester hours spent on a subject before promotion, the superior pupils waste hours marking time while the slower reach the mark, (5) the crowded courses of study make mastery of material almost an impossibility, and (6) that pupils in the secondary school do not know how to do selfdirected study. Aim of the Thesis is to show that the work in the classroom may be so organized that mere lesson performance is discredited. It is with this aim that the material in grammer of the ninth grade of the Wichita Course of Study is reorganized to emphasize individual progress, mastery of material, and self-directed study.
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    A suggested plan for the reorganization of plane geometry
    (Wichita State University, 1931-05) Davis, Adelle; Hillbrand, Earl K.
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    The writing process of published authors and gifted students: a mixed method study regarding comfort with the writing process
    (Wichita State University, 2017-12) Courtney, Jordan M.; McDowell, Kimberly D.
    The purpose of this research was to determine how the writing process of published authors would be accepted and utilized by gifted students. To increase the field of research regarding gifted students, research was completed in a gifted classroom. Data was gathered using multiple data points, including a belief survey, data from writing, final products, and classroom discussions. Results found that the majority of students produced more when utilizing the methods of published authors, although the work was not of finer quality. Students were also more positive about writing when using the published authors' methods. Keywords: gifted education, writing process
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