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This collection consists of digital copies of doctoral theses submitted for degree at the colleges and departments of the Wichita State University. The collection includes dissertations beginning of spring 2005.

The complete set of all WSU dissertations may be found in the WSU Library Catalog. University Libraries has two paper copies of each dissertation submitted before 2006.


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    Modeling the melt pool during powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
    (Wichita State University, 2023-12) Murray, Ann Marie; Lu, Tianshi
    In powder bed fusion additive manufacturing properties of the melt pool are of deep interest to ensure the structure of the nal product is as desired. Speci cally of concern in this work is estimating the melt pool with regards to width and depth considering also maximum temperature. Because analytic estimation formulas require simpli ed assumptions, OpenFOAM is used to numerically simulate the melt pool as well. The approximation formulas are compared to the numerical simulations and experiment data to validate.
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    An investigation into cyano substituted polypyrazolylborate complexes of palladium, platinum and iron
    (Wichita State University, 2023-12) Oberley, Alan Joseph; Eichhorn, David M.
    Polypyrazolylborates, also known as scorpionates, have been important ligands in inorganic chemistry since their introduction in the 1960s by Trofimenko. Our research group has been working with cyanopyrazoles, which have a CN subsituent in the 4-position, and alkyl or aryl substituents at the 3-position, or 3-and 5-positions. Reactions of palladium and platinum with Tp and Bp scorpionates have produced pyrazole complexes of interest, which were subsequently synthesized rationally. While no scorpionate complexes were completely characterized, the pyrazole complexes give information about the effects of the cyano group on the structure of compounds, especially when compared to similar compounds without the cyano substituent. Two new iron(II) cyanoscorpionates, $(Tp^{Cypr,4CN})_2Fe$ and $(Tp^{Ethyl,4CN})_2Fe,$ were synthesized, isolated, and characterized. These complexes are the first non-isomerized iron(II) cyanoscorpionates. These both are high spin at room temperature, and appear to be high spin down to 100K. Comparison to similar non-cyano compounds gives insight to the effect of the CN substituent on the structural, magnetic, and electronic properties.
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    The impact of extradyadic relationship participation on trust and cooperation
    (Wichita State University, 2023-12) Moroney, Krystal J.; Clark, C. Brendan
    The purpose of this project was to examine the relationship between extradyadic behavior (EDB) and its behavioral economic and moral correlates. Literature on extradyadic behavior currently depends on self-report data which may lead to bias in reports. Due to the high prevalence of EDB and EDB’s negative impact on romantic relationships, many mental health professionals have patients who have engaged in or been victims of EDB. No studies to date have evaluated the behavioral economic or moral correlates of EDB. This study selected measures of relationship history, personality, moral beliefs, and behavioral economic games (i.e., The Prisoner’s Dilemma, The Trust Game) which were administered over videoconferencing. Performance on moral belief measures and behavioral economic games were compared between Midwestern University students who reported history of EDB and students who denied history of EDB. This study also explored whether performance on behavioral games differed between students who reported being a victim of EDB compared to students who denied victimhood. The results of this study found that performance on behavioral games did not differ based on history of EDB engagement or victimhood of EDB. There was also no significant relationship between moral beliefs and EDB engagement. Based on these findings, it will be important for future studies to address limitations of this study, including unexpected low self-report of EDB engagement and high levels of cooperation. It will also be important to explore other correlates of EDB engagement
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    Information-theoretic secret sharing: Fundamental limits and coding schemes via deep learning
    (Wichita State University, 2023-12) Rana, Vidhi; Chou, Rémi
    This dissertation aims to study and design coding schemes for information-theoretic security. We focus on two models: the secret sharing model and the Gaussian wiretap channel model. The main contribution of this dissertation is to take practical constraints into account. We consider a rate- limited public communication channel to account for bandwidth constraints and finite block length for practical applications requiring short packet length or low latency.
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    Modelling, sensing, and control design of morphing wing structures
    (Wichita State University, 2023-12) Menon, Alok; Steck, James E.
    This research starts with the development of decentralized, optimal, and adaptive controller design for a Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap (VCCTEF) aircraft, the NASA Generic Transport Model (GTM), targeting the goal of minimizing the drag coefficient in cruise condition. To validate and generalize the developed controller design, a novel hybrid partial differential equation (PDE) model representing a flexible wing with rigid and flexible control surfaces was developed. To sense the shape of the flexible wing, the use of a novel sensor developed by NASA, called SansEC, was investigated. In this process, mathematical and artificial neural network (ANN) models of the sensor dynamics was developed with the help of results from experimental test data. It was concluded that the decentralized, optimal, and adaptive controller was successful in achieving the coefficient of drag minimization objective for the VCCTEF aircraft model as well as the hybrid PDE model. The SansEC sensor, with successful modeling, was deemed feasible for use as a sensor on aircraft wings to measure wing deflection. Additional research into the control design for the hybrid PDE model as well as real-world application of SansEC was determined to be necessary due to the limitations and scope of this research.

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