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    Women in Horror Month stalks the academic library: Highlighting genre and popular culture collections
    (Taylor and Francis, 2018-05-17) Walker, Lizzy
    University and college collections typically focus on academic texts, yet most institutions contain popular culture resources that are overlooked or relegated to leisure reading. Although highlighting such collections is challenging, this article uses Wichita State University Libraries’ Women in Horror Month as an example of the ways a popular collection can be showcased and displayed to benefit the students, scholars, and the institution. This article maintains that genre and popular collections in an academic library should not be overlooked and contextualizes the merits and benefits of developing displays to highlight such texts.
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    Book review: Ethics for records and information management
    (ASSOC COLL RESEARCH LIBRARIES, 2019-05) Walker, Lizzy
    During the last 30 years, information technology has exploded; with that comes a host of issues that constantly need to be addressed, including how to treat the various and numerous records that have been created as a result of said information explosion. Records and information management (RIM) professionals need to adapt and adjust to the responsibilities that these changes entail. Mooradian’s book, Ethics for Records and Information Management, is essentially a manual to help RIM professionals, including librarians and archivists, develop and implement ethical organizational policies by using a principles-based approach to ethics to help the reader through the process. The author points out that RIM professionals have specific ethical responsibilities and that they will need to be equipped to establish policies, training, and systems “that are meant to manage information in a way that is fair and legitimate” (xxv–xxvi). Mooradian addresses topics that everyone working in information professions should be aware of, such as the structure of ethics, including outlining principles, moral rules, judgments, and exceptions; ethical reasoning; the ethical core of records and information management; important ethical concerns such as copyright and intellectual property, whistleblowing, information leaks, disclosure, and privacy; and the relationship between RIM ethics and information governance.
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    Superheroes in the Stacks: Halloween ComicFest and Wichita State University
    (Taylor & Francis, 2019-04-03) Kuhlmann, Meghann; Walker, Lizzy
    Academic libraries’ graphic novel and comic book collections hold a wide appeal for both scholarly study and personal reading. Programming around these materials can attract diverse audiences to promote library services and resources in a distinctive way. Wichita State University Libraries hosted their first Halloween ComicFest in 2017 and it has grown into an annual event from the success of this initial endeavor. In this article, the authors discuss the challenges of planning and hosting a comic convention in an academic library as well as the potential benefits such events hold for both libraries and their patrons.
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    Book review: The Silence of the Archive
    (Association College & Research Libraries, 2018-03) Walker, Lizzy
    In Silence of the Archive, Thomas, Fowler, and Johnson present the case that archives do not, and cannot, provide a complete historical record by looking at gaps, or “silences,” relative to the contents of archives. There are limits to what archives can provide, something that a researcher or casual user may not know. This book helps shed light on the silences, enforced and otherwise, that occur within archives.