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    • ACG MTM45-1: Material Model Development Final Project Wrap-Up 

      Shahkarami, A.; Van Ee, D. (Wichita State University. National Institute for Aviation Research, 2009-11-15)
      National Center for Advanced Material Performance document prepared by: A. Shahkarami and D. Van Ee. Reviewed by: D. Van Ee Approved: A.Poursartip. Date: November 15th, 2009 Version: 1.0
    • Additional flow field studies of the GA(W)-1 airfoil with 30-percent chord Fowler flap including slot-gap variations and cove shape modifications [microform] 

      Wentz, W. H.; Ostowari, C. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Branch, 3/1/1983)
      Experimental measurements were made to determine the effects of slot gap opening and flap cove shape on flap and airfoil flow fields. Test model was the GA(W)-1 airfoil with 0.30c Fowler flap deflected 35 degrees. Tests ...
    • An analytical model for highly separated flow on airfoils at low speeds 

      Zumwalt, Glen Wallace,1926-2011; Naik, Sharad N. (Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Wichita State University, 1977)
      A computer program has been developed to solve the low speed flow around airfoils with highly separated flow. A new flow model, which was suggested by Zumwalt , included all of the major physical features in the separated ...
    • Analytical modeling of ASTM lap shear adhesive specimens. FInal report 

      Yang, Chihdar Charles; Tomblin, John S.; Guan, Zhidong (National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 2003-02)
      An analytical model was developed to predict the stress distribution within the specimen specified in ASTM D 3165 Strength Properties of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading of Single-Lap-Joint Laminated Assemblies. In ...
    • Archeological survey of the proposed El Dorado Wastewater Treatment Plant, Butler County, Kansas 

      Hughes, David T.; Blakeslee, Donald J.; Hughes-Jones, A. Alicia (Wichita State University, 2005-06-08)
      Pursuant to an agreement between the City of El Dorado, Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A., and Wichita State University for the performance of a cultural resources investigation of the area of impact of the ...
    • Guitar -2- Tab 

      Fitzgerald, Robert; Newell, Josh; King, Tim; Abdullah, Khayr (2011-12-12)
      A device using sensors and calculations to record tablature from a guitar straight to a text file in human readable format.
    • Investigation of adhesive behavior in aircraft applications 

      Yang, Chihdar Charles; Tomblin, John S. (National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 2001-09)
      There are two parts included in this report. The first part evaluates the most commonly used test method for adhesive properties, ADTM D 5656 Standard Test Method for Thick-Adherend Metal Lap-Shear Joints for Determination ...
    • Investigation of thick bondline adhesive joints. FInal report 

      Tomblin, John S.; Yang, Chihdar Charles; Harter, P. (National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 2001-06)
      In recent years, the use of polymer matrix composite materials as primary structural components has risen, especially in the general aviation (GA) industry. The use of composites not only results in weight savings, but ...
    • Laser Guided Evacuation System 

      Sharpe, Harlan; Crawford, Donald; Abdelhaq, Mohammad; Upadhayay, Pawan (2011-12-08)
      The intent of this project is to provide an improved evacuation system for buildings, homes, and other structures under the events of an emergency. The system will incorporate a traveling laser light shown upon the wall, ...
    • Market demand for a Master's-level computing program: Analysis of regional employer demand, program characteristics, and student trends 

      Education Advisory Board (EAB) (EAB, 2019)
      The Forum prioritized outreach to institutions with Master of Science programs in data analytics, cybersecurity, or related applied computing disciplines, which offer these programs in an online or hybrid format. The Forum ...
    • RED: Roadside Emergency Device 

      De Leon, Ismael; Nguyen, Roy; Nguyen, Teresa Hoang (2011-12-13)
    • The Roger Mills expansion project: An archaeological investigation 

      Hughes, David T. (Wichita State University, 1990-11-01)
      Archaeological investigations of a 150 foot right of way in the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma produced information on 13 previously unrecorded sites and isolates in Texas and 31 sites and isolates in Oklahoma. The majority ...
    • Smoke Spy 

      Bhattarai, Pratibha; Oloo, Isaac; Johnson, Joshua (2011-12-09)
    • Stray Pooch 

      Clark, Allen; Hosch, Richard; Dinh, Kieu; Haroon, Bilal (2011-12-06)
      They say dog is man’s best friend; for the elderly this is exceptionally true. Finding a way to allow those who have pets but are unable to interact with them do to limited mobility is the whole goal of the Stray Pooch ...
    • TAJA Racing 

      Nguyen, Thuan; Whitaker, A.J.; Christman, Joe; Esparza, Alex (2011-12-14)
      Cycling devices have evolved from the simple device that records speed to the complex devices out on the market. Today’s advancement in technology brings us the XiSport Cycling Training Device. The XiSport lets you do ...
    • TiiCH : Interactive Whiteboard System 

      Amaranayake, Ashan; Nguyen, Kevin; Khadka, Jitendra; Dalpathado, Mahesh (2011-12-15)
      This TIICH system is designed to eliminate the use of chalkboards and whiteboards. Letting teachers fully enter the electronic world but at a minimal cost. We wanted to let teachers teach their class, write their notes, ...
    • WER-10: Feasibility study of aileron and spoiler control systems for large horizontal axis wind turbines 

      Wentz, W.H.; Snyder, Melvin H.; Calhoun, J.T. (Wichita State University. Center for Energy Studies, 1979-11)
      Studies have been conducted to determine the feasibility of using aileron or spoi ler controls as alternates to pitch control for large horizontal axis wind turbines. The NASA MDO-O machine was used as the basis for this ...
    • WER-12: Wind Users Manual 

      Snyder, Melvin H. (Wichita State University. Center for Energy Studies, 1981-01)
      Computer code WIND is a program designed to calculate the performance of a wind-axis wind turbine. This guide is intended to assist users in effectively utilizing the program.
    • WER-13: Characteristics of wakes downstream of circular cylinders and 12-sided cylinders, as determined by Wind Tunnel tests 

      Snyder, Melvin H.; Wentz, W.H. (Wichita State University. Center for Energy Studies, 1981-01)
      To obtain models of the near-field wakes behind cylinders of the types used as support structures for wind turbines, wind tunnel tests were conducted in the Walter Beech Memorial Wind Tunnel of Wichita State University. ...
    • WER-13A: Appendix to Wind Energy Report 13. Wind Energy Report No. 13 Characteristics of Wakes Downstream of Circular Cylinders and 12-Sided Cylinders 

      Snyder, Melvin H.; Wentz, W.H. (Wichita State University. Wind Energy Laboratory, 1981-01)
      To obtain models of the near-field wakes behind cylinders of the types used as support structures for wind turbines, wind tunnel tests were conducted in the Walter Beech Memorial Wind Tunnel of Wichita State University. The ...