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    • Data sanitization for t-Closeness over Multiple Numerical Sensitive Attributes 

      Bagai, Rajiv; Weber, Eric; Gowda, VikasThammanna (University of Skovde, 2023-09)
      A popular technique for preserving privacy of individuals contained in any released data is to first sanitize the data according to the t-closeness principle. This principle requires partitioning rows of the original data ...
    • Efficient near-optimal t-closeness with low information loss 

      Thammanna Gowda, Vikas; Bagai, Rajiv; Spilinek, Gerald; Vitalapura, Spandana Siddaramanagowd (IEEE, 2021-09-22)
      The t-closeness technique is one of the most popular techniques for preserving individual privacy in data. It involves generalizing and suppressing some attributes of a given table, after partitioning the set of all records ...