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    • Observational constraints on the origin of the elements 

      Magg, Ekaterina; Bergemann, Maria; Serenelli, Aldo; Bautista, Manuel; Plez, Bertrand; Heiter, Ulrike; Gerber, Jeffrey M.; Ludwig, Hans-Günter; Basu, Sarbani; Ferguson, Jason W.; Gallego, Helena Carvajal; Gamrath, Sébastien; Palmeri, Patrick; Quinet, Pascal (EDP Sciences, 2022-05-20)
      Context. The chemical composition of the Sun is required in the context of various studies in astrophysics, among them in the calculation of standard solar models (SSMs) used to describe the evolution of the Sun from the ...
    • Simulations of protostellar collapse using multigroup radiation hydrodynamics II. The second collapse 

      Vaytet, Neil; Chabrier, Gilles; Audit, Edouard; Commercon, Benoit; Masson, Jacques; Ferguson, Jason W.; Delahaye, Franck (EDP Sciences S A, 2013-09)
      Context. Star formation begins with the gravitational collapse of a dense core inside a molecular cloud. As the collapse progresses, the centre of the core begins to heat up as it becomes optically thick. The temperature ...