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    • Effect of light and season on pain and depression in subjects with rheumatic disorders 

      Hawley, Donna J.; Wolfe, Frederick (Elsevier, 1994-11)
      The clinical and neurochemical association between depression and season noted in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has suggested that clinical pain might also be linked to season, perhaps through similar neurochemistry ...
    • Nonoperative and operative management of snapping scapula 

      Manske, Robert C.; Reiman, Michael P.; Stovak, Mark L. (Sage Publications, 2004-09)
      Snapping scapula is a painful crepitus of the scapulothoracic articulation. This crepitus is a grinding or snapping noise with scapulothoracic motion that may or may not accompany pain. This condition is commonly seen in ...