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    • Affinity chromatography of glucose dehydrogenase 

      Carper, W. Robert; Groutas, William C.; Coffin, D.B. (Springer, 1988-01-15)
      Porcine liver beta-D-glucose dehydrogenase, a multi-functional protein, has been purified to apparent homogeneity. The enzyme has been separated from the endoplasmic reticulum using Triton X-114 and further purified using ...
    • P(450)/NADPH/O(2)- and P(450)/PhIO-catalyzed N-dealkylations are mechanistically distinct 

      Bhakta, Mehul N.; Hollenberg, Paul F.; Wimalasena, Kandatege (American Chemical Society, 2005-02-09)
      A high-valent iron-oxo species analogous to the compound I of peroxidases has been thought to be the activated oxygen species in P450-catalyzed reactions. Spectroscopic characterization of the catalytically competent ...