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    • Concept for a space-based near-solar neutrino detector 

      Solomey, Nickolas; Folkerts, Jonathan; Meyer, Holger; Gimar, Caleb; Novak, Jarred; Doty, Brian; English, Trent; Buchele, Lynn; Nelsen, Austin; McTaggart, Robert; Christl, Mark J. (Elsevier B.V., 2023-04-01)
      The concept of putting a neutrino detector in close orbit of the Sun has been unexplored until very recently. The primary scientific return is to vastly enhance our understanding of the solar interior, which is a major ...
    • Effect of gallium additions on reduction, carburization and Fischer-Tropsch activity of iron catalysts 

      Beasley, Charles; Gnanamani, Muthu Kumaran; Hamdeh, Hussein H.; Martinelli, Michela; Davis, Burtron H. (Springer US, 2018-07)
      Undoped and gallium-doped iron oxide catalysts (100Fe, 100Fe:2Ga, and 100Fe:5Ga) were prepared by following a continuous co-precipitation technique using ammonium hydroxide as precipitant. The catalysts were characterized ...