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    • Chapter 8 -- Trauma and young children: how the problem plays out 

      Stone, Jennifer P.; Bray, Susan S. (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2015)
      Children experience trauma more often than many early childhood educators realize. As many as 26% of children experience multiple trauma events such as abuse, neglect, parental substance abuse, parental incarceration, and ...
    • Enhancing head start children's early literacy skills: an investigation of intervention outcomes 

      Whiting, Emily Marie (2006-12)
      The primary purpose of this study was to implement and evaluate two instructional programs designed to enhance early literacy skills of pre-kindergarten 4-year-olds enrolled in Head Start. A second goal was to compare ...
    • Topological classification in early childhood 

      Edelson, Allan L.; Sanders Huie, Karen (Wichita State University, Department of Psychology, 1977)
      Mathematically precise definitions of various topological properties were given. To investigate Piaget's theory that topological relationships are mastered before certain Euclidean ones, 58 subjects of 3 to 7 years old ...