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    • Alternative method for isolation of double-stranded template for DNA sequencing 

      Sadiev, Sagypash; Taylor, Alan (Informa Healthcare, 1996-08)
      The increased use of plasmid DNAs in recombinant DNA technology, coupled with the growing popularity of double-stranded DNA sequencing, necessitates the development of rapid, inexpensive and efficient procedures ...
    • DNA sequence and muscle-specific expression of human sarcosin transcripts 

      Taylor, Alan; Obholz, Kevin; Linden, Gabriele; Sadiev, Sagypash; Klaus, Shelly; Carlson, Kecia D. (Springer New York, 1998-06)
      We have characterized two abundant human cDNAs which, through Northern hybridization analysis, are selectively expressed in human sarcomeric muscle. DNA sequencing was performed and the two cDNAs were found to share sequence ...