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    • An experimental evaluation on deepfake detection using deep face recognition 

      Ramachandran, Sreeraj; Nadimpalli, Aakash Varma; Rattani, Ajita (IEEE, 2021-10-11)
      Significant advances in deep learning have obtained hallmark accuracy rates for various computer vision applications. However, advances in deep generative models have also led to the generation of very realistic fake ...
    • Harnessing unlabeled data to improve generalization of biometric gender and age classifiers 

      Nadimpalli, Aakash Varma; Reddy, Narsi; Ramachandran, Sreeraj; Rattani, Ajita (IEEE, 2021-12-05)
      With significant advances in deep learning, many computer vision applications have reached the inflection point. However, these deep learning models need large amount of labeled data for model training and optimum parameter ...
    • On improving cross-dataset generalization of deepfake detectors 

      Nadimpalli, Aakash Varma; Rattani, Ajita (IEEE, 2022-06-19)
      Facial manipulation by deep fake has caused major security risks and raised severe societal concerns. As a countermeasure, a number of deep fake detection methods have been proposed recently. Most of them model deep fake ...