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    • Fixed points and determining sets for holomorphic self-maps of a hyperbolic manifold 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei; Vigué, Jean-Pierre (University of Michigan. Dept. of Mathematics, 2007)
      We study fixed point sets for holomorphic automorphisms (and endomorphisms) on complex manifolds. The main object of our interest is to determine the number and configuration of fixed points that forces an automorphism ...
    • Holomorphic functions on subsets of C 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei (Mathematical Society of Japan, 2013-01)
      Let Gamma be a C-infinity curve in C containing 0; it becomes Gamma(theta) after rotation by angle theta about 0. Suppose a C-infinity function f can be extended holomorphically to a neighborhood of each element of the ...
    • Isolated fixed point sets for holomorphic maps 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei; Vigué, Jean-Pierre (Elsevier SAS, 2006-07)
      We study discrete fixed point sets of holomorphic self-maps of complex manifolds. The main attention is focused on the cardinality of this set and its configuration. As a consequence of one of our observations, a bounded ...
    • On convergence sets of divergent power series 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei; Neelon, Tejinder S. (Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics, 2012)
      A nonlinear generalization of convergence sets of formal power series, in the sense of Abhyankar-Moh [J. Reine Angew. Math. 241 (1970)], is introduced. Given a family y = phi(s)(t, x) = sb(1)(x)t + b(2)(x)t(2) + ... of ...
    • On convergence sets of formal power series 

      Al-Shutnawi, Basma (Wichita State University, 2013-12)
      In this thesis we consider the convergence sets of formal power series of the form f(z, t)=sigma infinity j=0 pj(z)tj, where pj(z) are polynomials. A subset E of the complex plane C is said to be a convergence set if there ...
    • On determining sets for holomorphic automorphisms 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Kim, Kang-Tae; Krantz, Steven G.; Ma, Daowei (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, 2006-01-14)
      We study sets K in the closure of a domain D Cn such that, if an automorphism ' of D fixes each point of K, then ' is the identity mapping. A separate result is proved for the case that K lies entirely in the boundary of D.
    • Pluripolar hulls and convergence sets 

      Chen, Juan (Wichita State University, 2018-05)
      The pluripolar hull of a pluripolar set E in Pn is the intersection of all complete pluripolar sets in Pn that contain E. We prove that the pluripolar hull of each compact pluripolar set in Pn is F . The convergence set ...
    • Properties of fixed point sets and a characterization of the ball in Cn 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei (American Mathematical Society, 2007-01)
      We study the fixed point sets of holomorphic selfmaps of a bounded domain in Cn. Specifically we investigate the least number of fixed points in general position in the domain that forces any automorphism (or endomorphism) ...
    • Spectra of unitary integral operators on L-2 (R) with kernels k(xy) 

      Ma, Daowei; Chen, Goong (World Scientific, 2013)
      Unitary integral transforms play an important role in mathematical physics. A primary example is the Fourier transform whose kernel is of the form k(x, y) = k(xy), i.e., of the product type. Here we consider the determination ...
    • Strict Whitney arcs and t-quasi self-similar arcs 

      Wei, Xin (Wichita State University, 2018-05)
      A connected compact subset E of RN is said to be a strict Whitney set if there exists a real-valued C1 function f on RN with ∇f |E ≡ 0 such that f is constant on no non-empty relatively open subsets of E. We prove that ...
    • Study of denaturation and composition-dependent poly(ethylene oxide)-soy protein interactions: Structures and dielectric polarization 

      Zheng, Zhuoyuan; Ma, Daowei; Rashidi, Soheil; Li, Bin (Wiley, 2018-08-15)
      The significance of aggregated protein structures in tuning structures and dielectric polarization of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO)/soy protein isolate (SPI) films was studied. The aggregated protein structures, subjected to ...
    • Testing holomorphy on curves 

      Fridman, Buma L.; Ma, Daowei (Springer, 2012-11)
      For a domain D aS, a"e (n) we construct a continuous foliation of D into one-real-dimensional curves such that any function f a C (1)(D) which can be extended holomorphically into some neighborhood of each curve in the ...